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Opera fan play british soap opera star. Okay you're not actually recovered deferred. My brother like every brandon plays vicky newman on young and the restless. See in a few days buddy. I hate gassing you up you aren't you have a role. Riese bernard general hospital star general hospital just in their world. I'm just trying to as kennedy per. Say i'm just trying to get a cat right. We're all out. Is that a show on television. That'd be say this to you. Let me say this is show tell. Let me say this to you. This is the part where it gets uncomfortable more so for perked informatics but i disagree with maxim perk in this regard russell. Westbrook is under pressure. I said that earlier said kenya program. Get up. I said it's you had started to show. I have in front of me to la times and the title of a column by the great bill. Plachy the voice of la. What does it say. Would you like me to tell you the headline max perkins the headline column russell. Westbrook is welcomed home if he puts his new lakers teammates. I you see what i'm talking about. You see what i'm saying. There is a narrative that exists. It wasn't arrieta about me. It was wasn't great. This is what they're saying. No max when kevin durant and baka and reggie jackson and victoria depot and james harden twice. Not just once in pull george and bradley. Beal your teammates somehow some way. You're going to be held accountable because of your greatness not because you're scrubbed because your greatness when i roughly feathers about russell westbrook is because i was saying he's so great. I don't wanna see you. I rap. I wanna see you deep into the playoffs. I wanna watch you against the stiff competition. I want you right where you just landed competing for championship russell. Westbrook was on record. I'm gonna do me. You understand when we question hachem. Kevin durant wasn't getting more shots. Russell westbrook was on the record in. Houston you know. I don't want to be hit with james. Oughta some damn psychic. I wanna play the way that wanna play. The westbrook wanted to leave us because he wanted to play his wave. Russell westbrook one out of washington. Dc and before he departed. What did he say. Remember that stay when he came back. Championships don't mean that much to me. I've seen plenty of champions. That are less happy to me. A los angeles lakers franchise. What are they synonymous. Max perk championships. You don't get attitude. We're going to have much more on this on the coming weeks but we gotta talk about last night a little. Need your help starting here. My name and then publicly thought might benefit from it but everything all the fashion synonymous that might have been the best draft draft class. We've had in a long time guys from jalen green to mobely today on mitchell. Some of the best look so got me thinking about past drafts fashion. It's time for a little mali. Deal to please indulge me. I want you to weigh in on some of these walk number one gentleman. I'm taking you back to the early. Two thousands of ninety. Can we get a taylor talked about this for a minute. How big everyone's clothes were drew. Good it's just not how sipa tailored in the stomach and then but then it's just out of control like god forbid you ever stepped in a puddle. Stephen prefer the oversights or would you rather the super slim we could see. Someone's keys i don't wanna superciliousness happy medium. But i can't front. I used to wear those baggy suits wayne way had a fashion event in south in new york city and cool me out in front of fashion east visit and facet experts and look at that man right there and called out my baggy outfits that you could fit three legs. Your

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