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Who I know is on the Pacific coast tonight we thank you as always general for joining us on our broadcast tonight and coming up when we come back a guy fairly considered to be on the president's home team deciding to step in and correct the president when the eleventh hour continue <music> last thing before we go tonight? We won't keep you long. We know you're anxious. Start the weekend but these tariffs. You're going to be hearing a lot more about tariffs as the next round of them approaches at the end of this month. We've all heard commercials for various companies who say they pass along the savings to the consumer. Will tariffs are the opposite visit of that companies pass along the cost of tariffs and this theme played out on Fox News today. We're going to pick up this clip with the president's residents comments prior to departure from the South Lawn where he mixed China and American farmers and tariffs all into one word salad what followed by Neil Cavuto Fox who apparently had enough of this talk any amount that China's sucks out. We're making up pat the billions of dollars that will take it in remember. This country is take it in billions and billions of dollars from China we never took in ten percents from China and out of that many billions of dollars we're taking a part of it and giving it to the farmers because they've been targeted by Jonah the farmers they come out totally totally all so you interviewed the wrong in the beginning here but just to be clarifying Air China paying these these towers you are you know it directly and sometimes directly passed along to you through distributors and their counterparts in the United States who by the stuff from the Chinese and then have to pay these surcharges. I'm not the Chinese government or China particularly didn't quite understand what he was saying about. The evaluation that is costing China be that as it may <hes> this latest round of tariffs that kick in September one on three hundred billion dollars worth of goods at ten percent that will most directly be felt by consumers directly because that that happens pins on almost entirely consumer items rather than industrial related items but just wanted to clarify that governments don't these things you do one way or or another so neil cavuto on tariffs to end an eventful week for us and bring on the first of five precious August weekends and after that of course it's basically thanksgiving. That is our broadcast for this Friday night and indeed for this week. Thank you so much for being here with us and good good night from our N._B._C. News headquarters here in New York. Hey It's Chris Saves from M._S._N._B._C.. Every day. I come to the office and we make television. Show an everyday I think to myself there's so much more I want to talk about and so this is our podcast. It's called. Why is this happening and the whole idea behind it is

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