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It won't be by design. I think that this is their best 11, and he is not a part of it. And there's also the factor that he was club captain and this is a club that by and large, if you look through the team, it's got a young vibe to it. The last thing you want is a guy who's not doing it up front. First of all, he's not scoring or not scoring at the rate that he used to. So he's not giving you anything on the field. And off the field, he's not giving you the leadership that young players need. And in fairness, our teddy gave him just enough rope to hang himself here. You know, he didn't indulge him, but he let bygones be bygones with what happened at the North London Derby last year. But he's made the right decision here. It's hard to argue that he hasn't. No, and unfortunately for him and I know that Obama has a little bit of versatility in his game in terms of where you want to play him. But Martinelli has come in and the goals have come. Like if he then came in and wasn't scoring or he was struggling, then it would kind of force our tethers hand that he might have to put a bomb Yang back in into the lineup. But that has not been the case. He's been given a nice pathway to kind of leave this guy in exile. Martinelli is a strange one because I think it was last season in the Caribou cup. I watched him against Liverpool, I taught how he was just really looked a really, really good player. And he got a little run, but then generally was kind of not in the plans for our tether. And I know he had a couple of knocks or injuries if I recall correctly. But he didn't seem to be. He seemed to be slipping out of favor I think he's a really good player and it's interesting to see now that he's found a spot in this site. Yeah, arsenal, 5 consecutive wins across all competitions for the first time since one 11 straight from August to October of 2018. So they are very much clicking and to have seen what they looked like after the first three games with three losses, zero goals. I did not see this coming. I thought they would be fine, but I mean, right now, if you're if you're putting out the odds I haven't looked to see what the actual odds are of finishing top four, but they would be most people's favorite right now. Now I know Tom had those two games at hand against Burnley and Brighton. And if they win both of those, which is not easy, but if they do, they'd be a point ahead of arsenal. So things are going to look weird if you look at the table because of teams having matches postponed. But, I mean, arsenal are every bit in that race. Maybe the FrontRunner for it. And a lot of people, their own fans included, by the way, who don't think we praise them enough. No one on earth was essing on this team more than their own fans. Right. For the record, no one saw this coming. And so I give this group of players a lot of credit for not hanging their heads and I give this manager a lot of credit right now. I was watching NBCSN today in their dying days, JJ as soon the sharp heads over to the USA Network. But I think I'm trying to remember who they Robbie your own Robbie must over doing their teams of the season, manager, the season. One of them, I think it was Robbie Earl that had Mikhail Arteta as his manager of the season so far. Who would who was saying that after the first month of the season? That's an incredible turnaround in a short amount of time. Yeah, we've got a SBI in front of us now, so arsenal are fourth position, 81.9 percent on the FBI. SPI excuse me. To finish fourth, yes. How much percent 80 in the 80s? The SPI 81.9. Wow. That's 78.3 okay. In their position. Wait, so how does the SPI so it has Manchester City at top 93.7 Liverpool and second at 92.2, then in fourth, 89.4 for Chelsea and arsenal 81.9. This is to finish top four. Is that what seems like you're confused and now I'm confused and I would imagine a lot of our listeners are too. This is. Let's just sit here and watch JJ think. I don't know what this means..

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