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Provide for them. So it's like your habits into this. I'm happy. I couldn't be happier just to see a mom happy. See my grandmother, happy. My big sister. I grew up in a family of women, a mama system, grandmother and me being only man being the youngest of my siblings. My me and my sister, she's a little older than me woman take care of me my whole life. You know? So like now that I'm older, I make sure that I do what I can't take care. I kinda just took things into my own ends, and my family heard, I heard when things didn't go away from it when they go, mom wheel, my grandmother, my sister way, you know. It didn't go away. Why? Because when they hurting and you're gone up in a household with our women, no, you want them to be happy. And so I just did my best to make sure that you know we can get out those holes, those situations. You know. So it seems like to get back to this idea of gambling to that you kind of want to put yourself in these situations where you're having all of this pressure on your because that's like what our sure, yes pressure has allowed me to grow Mike, my friend, my friend, my cousin, Cleveland, my older cousin, Chicago. He told me like when they was years years back having a talk and he was like, I was just talking about how stressed out I was is so much on my bag. Family stuff. We gotta help out do this. And he was like us. If the same thing as motivating you. Like, why are you so eager to get rid of the same thing as motivating? So I was so eager to get rid of our problems, financial problems to where I don't have the problems any more, but he's like, this is the same thing that's propelling you while you just trying to take it away. And I'm like, you know what? You're right. If I'm motivated by all of this that's going on while I'm eager to take away. You know, even though are the restaurants doing well, my family's who much better that on eliminate all the problems, you know. So still motivated and eager to, you know, continue to grow so that we can be in much better position. You know? And what advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career like your say, stay persistent, you know, all osbournes. I definitely say stay persistent because you know you're gonna fail. Life is not meant to be pretty is meant to be a bumpy road, you know, if it was smooth and if it was easy, I don't think we'll free successes much, but to stay persistent even when you fell. Whenever things are going away when you know you having those those dark days win for. Like the the way the world is on your shoulders. You know, just keep going because at the end, each tunnel, there's like, you know. And I think just my persistence helped me get to our met, you know, a not taking. No, you know, I'm very like, you can't tell me. No, like I gotta go get it, you know guy too. So you know, don't don't do things just for the dollar. You know, you gotta gotta do it because you love it and to see how can eventually make you money. So persistence and. Thanks so much. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider. Our shows produced by Animas rackets and Sarah Wyman dam. Bob cough is our executive producer in. I'm rich felonious before you go, we'll check in with Larry, Maura one last time. It's learned something about him. He says, most people are shocked to discover everybody thinks they socialite that love the spotlight, and I might the complete opposite people just think I'm just this this hour going. I'm very outgoing, but I'm just as a turn up guy. You know, who likes to listen to all this party music. Now, listen to Oran be like mellow things like the chill and outside of events. Like I don't like to go to club unless it's like going check out some clubs to bring back some stuff to the city, you know? Yeah. So I'm definitely not not a. I'm not the guy like those though. So next week on the show, we've got Brad cats, Yama co, founder and CEO of. Stock exchange x, the unlikely hero of the Michael Lewis bestseller flash boys in the middle of his research and his writing..

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