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Classic radio theater on your favorite station. Yours truly johnny dollar coming up in a moment the now. The conclusion of escape january seventeenth nineteen forty eight line again versus the ants. Again landon fired ditch to destroy them and steal again. They came on but success. Firing the test of the unscrew easier. Because of the film of ash covered the petrol as they returned to the assault time after time a slow sickening horror crept into my mind eloquent atlanta and then at the petrol he read my gaze and nodded slowly. That's right commissioner. Can hold them off or other of us. Apply pedal was unlimited. But it isn't got enough to fill the digital one small engine. Isn't there anyway anyway at all. We've got to do something i know. I know that must be away. The whole plantation lot the ravens higher than any point except his high ground. Where if the river was dammed. All the way over that stone breakwater and brotherhood plantation. But we've got to close the floodgate at the dam. That'll do it mad. The damas more than a model way more than a mile of listen to me. Listen let's i'm proud of you by shutting the plug gates in the dam and flooding the whole plantations from the moment. I'm over the ditch. Set fire to allow time for the flood to watch. And all you have to do is wait for me. it's impossible you can't get the damn let alone back. That's why you're wrong commissioner. Get there and i'll get back. Take care of things. While i'm gone. A i watched him as a calmly pulled on high leather boots ju- gunshots over his hand and stuff the spaces between britches and boots and gauntlets times with petrol-soaked. Greg is close fitting mosquito bagels and plugged his nostrils aeneas with kuttan then the natives drenched. His clothes with petrol blasts who activist ducked into the men's smith. Sav over him and finally lions and was ready as he stood communist ready for. I realize that this is should be a line of jenn would meet the ans- defeat them defeated by them. Line engine versus the ants. Yes it was right that it should be like this but now there was no more time for thought on the action took a deep breath and bounded across the ditch among the end iran iran long equal strides and with one thought one sensation being. I must get through dodge trees and shrubs except for the split seconds. Mayeso's touch the ground. The ants would have no opportunity to a light on me. i ran on. I was halfway through the damn before. I felt ants under my clothes and a few on my face. I struck at them. Mechanically scusi conscious of their bites. The damn drew toward me slowly. The distance grew less less. Finally one hundred yards away. Fifty was their grip. The covid wheel hardly at icees flowed over my hands and Straight slow the wheel. Turn turn more capers. Swinging slowly shut up shut and the water was rising rising behind breakwater. Top closer and then. It was filling over. The flooding of the plantation had begun. I like all the whelan's got it back to the act coated from head to foot with beans tugs debit. Means they've been into my flesh almost lost my head with a pain. That's iran knocking answering my body brushing them from my body pace just below the rim of my goggles and manage the tearing away but it's aggravated a button. It's been drilled into. I know i saw now through circle of fire into a milky missed. Almost blinded. When i knew that if i tripped and fell on my heart pounding burst. Blood rolling in my ears at giants. Bettering my lungs. Then i could see dimly all of flame today but it was too far away could not last happened just as they stumbled well myself being swarmed over about tried to rise a great weight then suddenly the vision the half the stake in my six minutes. Then nothing but bone couldn't let it happen to me. I could drag my cell phone.

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