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And that that shot me into some other way of looking at show business altogether i've i realise the potential of of of of an an artist and all his history and what each the history draws from uttar under i saw a whole lot of things just in that moment because it just like it was like little walter walked in but are happy yesterday but you suddenly it was just like pandemonium so here at the audience the obviously not expected was it's the first time he picked up the honecker yeah i mean i think he had played a few songs songsan everybody was in ecstasy any rate at any rate but there were some that above that harmonisation get my oh yeah it's sorted stamped it like this really is you know his sound heard the sound of am playing very unique so when you hear it you instantly no it was just so in i think he had been gone for a long time at that point to earth right and also enough in a little 500seat place ninety 75 75 hearings in america i remember i read rats host book any debris democrats very sloman hair he was a character yeah he wrote a book about this tour about the rolling thunder rebuke to her it a crazy to one his one story is there was a people magazine writer there to a story on bob and bob would meet with him so bob i was in my hotel room one night about 8 or 9 o'clock after rehearsal and bob said he tbone ku'damm the bar there's the sky from uh.

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