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Statue and a set of public meeting for next Wednesday to decide how to move forward in large bird Might Dewald KCBS just ahead on KCBS I'm Jeffrey shall be in Richmond, where the Food Bank is holding a drive through free food giveaway, and they have had hundreds of cars here. Come again for KCBS traffic and weather. Kim vessel is going to take us to the East Shore Freeway for Look at the car is there Kim Well, we're not the only ones here on the issue of freeway, especially if you were making your way eastbound on Interstate 80 through Emery Veil. You've got plenty of company there. And this has become a quite typical for this time of day at this point in the pandemic that we've got enough traffic to crowd things up in both eastbound westbound direction, just about every weekday afternoon between the MacArthur Maze. And a University Avenue. Now, if you are continuing eastbound on Interstate 80 very pleasant ride to the upper e sure, Freeway and across the car, Keenest bridge. We do have ongoing delays, though crossing the car keenness bridge in the westbound direction If you're coming out of the Leo an injury accident, a westbound right by the toll plazas there has been blocking at least the left lane. Otherwise, no delays in Valeo and, Ah, Fairfield back avail, all looking really good right now and Contra Costa. County compared to yesterday with a grass fire. The really jam things up Highway four and 2 42 and traffic is moving along fairly well. Certainly starting to back up approaching, will pass Road on eastbound highway for next update 3 18 on the traffic leader KCBS. Fog and low clouds come back near the coast and bay overnight through tomorrow morning. That's gonna warm up a little bit more on Thursday and Friday.

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