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To be healthy strong and it's critical for their immune development just shocked and appalled and extremely disappointed but clearly there are times and i think part of the the as i understand that part of the rationale in the us team on this controversy was that it didn't want to sort of have women stigmatized who for whatever reason money or physical health could not breastfeed and needed to require or rely on formula and they didn't want them to feel like secondclass citizens you don't buy that though no not at all particularly in developing countries the formula company and breast milk substitutes companies have had very very aggressive campaigns to convince women that they shouldn't breastfeed it's ironic to me that when i go to developing resource poor countries the poor breastfeed and the rich have been convinced that they should formula feed well here the inverse is true but there's public health there's tons of science that shows that breast is best particularly in these settings stigma is not a problem but they important of the w h o is to armed governments and give them the ability to fight back these formula companies they're very very aggressive in these countries akin to tobacco companies and are tying up when countries have tried to pass legislation to content curtail what these companies are saying completely inaccurate fake the truth fake news that they take them to court and this was just so glad that eventually something was passed but it's extremely disappointing so more women breastfeeding here in the us so these companies are having to go to other countries and and get the formula sold their yes i mean breastfeeding rates are going up because women are being educated and they're always looking for new markets and to be clear what exactly does the research show breastfeeding does for the developing child that formula feeding brats does not it protects them and they setting for many infectious diseases which is the major cause of infant mortality specifically diarrhea and pneumonia and the first few years of life more and more evidence here showing that appropriate immune development is depends on children receiving breast milk in our neonatal intensive cares the introduction of breast milk as opposed to formula has just revolutionized our karen cut down on the incidents of necrotizing enter colitis is the formula better now than it used to be you know the formula companies are the one group that recognize the press just best so they're always trying to copy mother nature but you know it's better than it used to be but it's still not as good we did a randomized trial in zambia with hiv and infected women and you know again showed incredible mortality for women who had been randomized to stop breastfeeding and that's even in the context of hiv infection so in the poor malnourished children do much better on mother's milk than they do on these substitutes start to grace preventing professor pediatrics said ucla henman knx indepth continues some of the stories you may have missed but we did.

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