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John Bosco bellflower California, modern day Santana. California, California means Allen Texas. So the high highschools Allen and the cities also Allen Texas, and then they'll one Saint John's in Washington DC. Now after that, I'm not going to tell you the school. I'm going to tell you the state, Florida, Maryland, Texas, Florida, California, how why? It's called Saint Louis. You ever heard of that highs? Yeah, that's what my family went. My my father, my father's brother. What's the farther farther? Okay. Says centennial corona or sorry, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indianapolis, Louisiana, Utah, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Maryland, Texas, anyway. All right. Let's take this break. You're listening to ever made junkie radio on fight nation. Challenge. Three stay close. We'll be right back. They can drink mentos flavored diet coke without their stomachs giving a single fuck they are gorgeous towards and goes, and this is Emma made chunky radio, get the radio channels. Get the rate of channel numbers and link to listen to your favorite NFL college football or major league baseball team sent right to your smart device. Just go to serious dot com slash sports today and then click at my calendar..

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