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Partly cloudy skies a 10 o'clock good evening. I'm Steve Green Field. One person is recovering from injuries after Manhattan buildings, Assan partially collapsed. Sending breaks raining down onto the sidewalk in ST It was early this afternoon when it happened along the East 38th Street in Murray Hill. This man was parked outside the garage, where 45 by 10 foot section of the facade began to crumble, and he watched a man narrowly avoid injury. One brick Then he looked up and he started. I didn't want to do, but it's on the move. All the books came a man City and a Cadillac was the person injured after his car was nearly completely crushed. In New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signing an executive order requiring people to wear face coverings outdoors provided they can't preferably socially distance. James Flipping has more Governor Murphy's order clarifying previous guidelines and Making masks or face coverings mandatory both indoors and outdoors. When you can't stay six feet apart, like maybe on a crowded boardwalk or in a line of people, the governor saying he'd hoped to avoid the outdoors requirement, but unfortunately we have been seeing a backslide in compliance is the weather has gotten warmer and not surprisingly, As a result, our rate of transmission has similarly crept up. He put up a graphic saying when both sick people and healthy people are wearing coverings. It's most effective, especially if you have not been tested. And you don't know if you're an asymptomatic carrier James Flippen w O R New. Also in New Jersey folks have been waiting in long lines and say the Motor Vehicle Commission offices for two days. Now they're frustrated and, frankly, blasting the governor for saying they he doesn't have a better re opening plan. Look at the line. Abject failure again is ridiculous. They have to come up with a better way to address our needs because we have to get this done. Some got there in the middle of the night with lawn chairs to get paperwork done for vehicles. The officers have been closed since mid March and just re opened on Tuesday because of the pandemic. Later in the day, Governor Murphy did announce he is going to open the facility's six days a week to help catch up on the backlogged Kanye West reveals he had covert 19 and discusses his run for presidency and it just released interview with Forbes. Yet he says he had the illness Bank in February and suffered from chills and trimmers. The Jesus walks rappers that he's praying for a vaccine, though he is skeptical. It's unclear whether he himself was ever tested. The rapper goes on to say he no longer supports President Trump because he didn't like that. The commander in chief hid in the White House bunker as George Floyd. Protest escalated in D. C. Well. One Covert 19 task force member was missing from today's briefing. The doctor who was often at odds with President Trump's statement regarding the pandemic. Here's ABC is Andy Field with details for our Washington bureau, Dr Anthony found. She spoke daily at the beginning of the pandemic, but was missing from the latest briefing. His advice sometimes contradicting President Trump Does he still have the president's confidence? The president has confidence confidence in the conclusions of our medical experts, but it's up to him to determine what to do with that information. Mcenany not explaining why Dr Fauci was not included in the latest briefing. His cases rise across the nation and the field. ABC NEWS Washington Sports and you were the channel forecast up next. W o R NEWS time. 10 03 ATTENTION Investors want steady cash flow and safety and our eye is making special accommodation to help it This time. Today, investors are extended.

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