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'course you get in some of the other charges he made such as uh on a big nationalistic or xenophobic i don't think that either he or his followers the necessarily those things but certainly immediate when it comes to coarseness this man wrote the book on coarseness again you you take it or you leave i take it a grit my teeth but this does make me happy oh yes although no i i think they should be more gentility about the whole aspect well at least a little sevilla that you don't even have to be genteel yes that that's a that's a good all right bill let's let our guest a dekalb a respect better it well i i would you say to onto through the accounts point um yeah jeff linked to politician andy might have wanted to play both hands the middle but isn't that while politicians do uh you know it it you can have it on this side and say i'm or this and you can have it on the other side and say okay i'm going to be put that uh doesn't meagre abound person uh what we're seeing however in washington white now is people who are just unwilling to budge from a position that they feel they need to take in order to be reelected jeff flake united bob corker are realizing that they're not going to be a real reelected in you know sometimes you just have to take this to happen and and while the other way exert the truth of the matter is that they at least a seemed to be holding on to some degree of stability that that they've got it about a whole lot more stable i we will speak briefly off air again to kelton from knx radio in los angeles more to come in a moment the big talker radio here's the one avenue the play that was really really going on twelve fifty wtma hi everybody i'm charlie james host of the tma morning show top sober is coming to an end we're asking you to go online and make a donation so that we can provide down to officer kids to local law enforcement it's easy to do just go to wtma dot com click on the cops over link and make your donation you could help save the life of one of our local law enforcement officers hits.

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