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On him to make sure that he's not pulling these stuff off. So. For Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. You've got to trust the kid if he says I don't have on the team. Yeah. After the February at all, right? Right. So it's disaster in its as Cal academy wrote it, and I totally agree. This right now today, we're at the low point of the Kyle Shanahan, and we will have to see where they go from here. Hey, speaking of low points, there's a low point in Ann Arbor, Michigan baby. Number two our old towel. Jim Harbaugh has a problem. He can't beat Ohio State asking in the gun. Takes the snap. Play fake looking. Right. Roy like side. Touchdown. Heart is on the front twenty one yard line to. All right. Take Jay hill. Awakes? There's the snap pressure coming. And it's. One. Touchdown Ohio State forty two yard return. Four seven banks. Ohio State sixteen point lead. Started a twenty two yard lives yet sweep Campbell out to the far right side. Sideline. Forty thirty. Touchdown. Campbell seventy eight yard scoring. Thanks, go. Good. Great good. It doesn't take responsibility for. And. Crossing rows Aslan rows. Extremely well. Rainbow. There. It is Jim Harvey.

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