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Montagne says Sam Shane sacramental voices You can trust the camp became morning news continues on news 93.1 kfbk possess a tagger Now you know if you know what that's from President Trump handed out over 140 pardons, but Joe Exotic was not one of them. One cast member on the Netflix documentary Tiger King is delighted that Joe Exotic has not been pardoned. Would be you guessed it. Carole Baskin? Mm hmm. Yep. She says he's where he belongs. Apparently exotic had like a limo waiting. He thought for sure that former presidential was going to pardon him didn't happen. You know the limo lined up? Yeah, then happen. That's bad form. 6 40 is a time out for the roads we go to check in with my nose. Good morning, sir. Good morning. This report is by the by indeed dot com Things are moving well on our freeways around Sacramento. Now we do have one incident Sometimes sunrise honor After westbound Highway 50 family. We have a vehicle versus pedestrian Fatality act, isn't it all pretty cruiser on the scene? We understand vehicles are squeezing through on the shoulder so you can use the rampart expected the leg. All the rest, maybe from Roseville. Nine minutes to the camp City. Put nine more Cap city and you're downtown. 13 minutes and from Elk Grove on 5 99 50 West happened. Folsom isn't 18 minutes knew from woodland on I five. You do it in 2016 to make the drive in from Davis Right now, if you're hiring you need indeed, indeed delivers quality candidates so you can focus on interviewing people with the right skills.

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