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I think i may have sent you about this. Maybe once or twice years ago maybe in the beginning of the trump regime. But i think where the one thing i think where you and i definitely disagree as i don't see the point in interviewing a tucker carlson show because they're nothing they say will be in reality or truth so at the end none of it i just i think her carlson is out there. Making a persuasive argument on behalf of the middle class. I think he also does it in ways that are inappropriate and and sometimes downright downright race racist. But you don't think there's any truth at all to what they like to the. Maybe they're they're making maybe there. I'm thinking of like the times when like cnn would put on kellyanne conway like that. I was vehemently against because that is nothing but lies. Oh yes it is. Kellyanne conway has she. Wouldn't she would tell you. Today was not wednesday. I mean it's i had conway on three times and what i'll say is every time i felt like they were diminishing returns. It was getting less valuable to the viewer. we didn't. We didn't ask her back anymore. But i mean she started off with with what was it. the presidency to watch how she deflects was newsworthy. For a while. I i respect you disagree. But i i can get that i get talker and hannity because they host cable news programs and is something mayor about what they do on the show not do interviewing techniques that you know i mean i can see that more than like the kellyanne conway's and the and the killing mcenany who never once told one truthful statement so i can give you the tucker and hannity feud interview them. I would not. I wouldn't probably complain about well. I tried and they didn't wanna talk to me for my book. Go go figure good news. Is everybody else. A fox wanted to talk to you. Get like all. Do you get all the fox. News viewers tweeting. You like what those guys are saying. And and you know some nights..

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