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The cities the islands the towns the municipalities the council's the very army camps. The tribunal's the assemblies the palace the Senate the forum. We have left you only your temples later in the same work. He notes that Christians could be found everywhere working beside their pagan neighbors. Look in the forum. Look in the baths. The booths the workshops the INS the weekly market look in any other places of commerce. And you'll find Christians. There are plenty. Christianity may have been young in North Africa but it was already flourishing. It's numbers were already obvious and impressive. If this were not true would never have said it? As a boast to his fiercest opponents. They would've used his exaggeration as a reason to dismiss his entire argument. I believe Tortola. Confidence is evidence that Christianity was already winning in one ninety five ad in that its victory seemed inevitable to Christians and frightening to the Roman establishment. Tortola new their fears and he played on them. He played them like a Grand Piano. When he said the blood of martyrs is seed he knew exactly how it would resonate. He knew that his opponents news was delivering a truth with blunt force. Much of what turtle. Ian Road involved controversy in some way and he didn't only go after pagans he also went after Christian. Heretics like Marsin Valentinus her Majdi's process and a host of otherwise forgotten teachers of narcissism. He was always in the game to win but he was not simply a demolition man. He crafted a positive theology. That is really the first of its kind Erin. As wrote a sprawling work against the heresies but it proceeds by fits and starts and rambles. It's not a sustained or systematic argument TUR- Tolan's books on the contrary are works of literary art there. Exposition is carefully plotted and executed. They entertain while they edify and every sentence sparkles his treatises cover a wide range of theological topics from baptism to prayer from penance. To the trinity from the immortality of the soul to the resurrection of the flesh. Surely it was hard for our man to be humble when he was perfect in so many ways. He admits in his books that he struggled with self restraint and forbearance. He actually wrote a book titled On Patients. And he turned its introduction into a good humored confession of his sins. These faults may have been his undoing. We know that he grew increasingly impatient with the hierarchy both the African bishops and the Pope in Rome. He thought that they were far too. Lax in their forgiveness of sins especially sexual sins from around the year two. Oh Five. We find him expressing strong sympathy for the monetised movement. A somewhat anarchic group that emphasized prophecy and the action of the Holy Spirit. They insisted on extreme sexism and perfectionist. Moral Rigor they relied on ecstasy's for revelations of the spirit and they considered these revelations superior to anything the Catholic hierarchy had offer Tortellini. Continued to right through this mountainous phase. It's difficult to know how far his sympathies took him. Eventually the montainous road there wave of ECSTASIES onto some pretty strange shores. Eventually they found themselves excommunicated. But we just don't know to what extent totally was involved in. All of that. Saint Jerome tells us that you're totally lived to a very old age. Some later sources say that he died outside the church but that seems unlikely as his influence in the Latin Church. Never dimmed. Or even flickered in two fifty the bishop of Carthage Ciprian referred to Tortola as the master. It's implausible that the memory of a heretic would be hallowed by such an unimpeachably Orthodox bishop especially a bishop who reigned Intertoto Ian City so soon after trillions death. There's so much to say about her toluene. A figure of his importance really requires more than one episode and so I'll end our brief sketch of his life. I hope you'll join me for discussion of his amazing works. But before you go. I'd like to ask your help. We want to keep these podcasts and spread the message of the fathers but like most nonprofits and most businesses Catholic culture has suffered a major setback during the current corona virus pandemic..

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