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Good morning, I'm Stephanie gaines Bryant, the top local stories we're following this hour. It's been an uphill battle for some residents who are still dealing with the aftermath of a fire that happened last month at an apartment building in Silver Spring. One woman was dead and others displaced. Now the property management company is accused of holding their belongings hostage. MSB and their partner were just a few doors down from where the three alarm fire started at the arrive apartment building two weeks ago. It's incredibly draining and it's only gotten harder. They say the property management company Trinity property consultants won't give them their belongings. You first have to sign a waiver saying that you understand the risks of going back into the unit and you're not basically aren't going to sue. I will say it's been a very frustrating process. Montgomery county council member Kate Stewart. We want to make sure that they're safe and they have a community in which they can trust their building management. We have reached out to the management company and are awaiting their response. Melissa Howell WTO. The owner of that tanker truck that crashed and exploded in Frederick Saturday are speaking out. The driver of the tanker was killed several homes and cars were damaged in the ensuing fire. The truck was owned by CL I transport. In a statement obtained by our news partners at NBC four, the company's president, John tipperary, said the company was cooperating with authorities during the investigation and what he called a safe and environmentally responsible clean up after the crash. Tipperary says his company is a dedicated fuel hauler for sheets, a regional chain of gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores. He also extended the company's condolences to the driver's family. That person's identity has yet to be released by authorities. Maryland state police troopers continue to

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