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The latest on the commute with joe mcconnell looks like it may be some repair were going on on how we seventy coming off of eighty receipts of big jams between glen cove eighty there also southie did he had sixty six still of the crash moved to the shoulder but it's backed up to sixteen the vacaville area eighty eastbound at mit wait a crash reported no details on that yet another problem with the bridge approach westbound before the metering lights a report of a stall in the lane number four from the right joe mcconnell for kqed that report on kqed brought to you by appleby's from kqed news i'm brian watt emeryville police say multiple officer from richmond and fairfield are on paid leave following a gunfire exchange on iad wednesday that left one suspect dead and shut down the freeway for hours kick you ed sara hussain he reports fortyfiveyearold d'amelio low was wanted in connection with a 2015 homicide a police chase pecan after detective attempted to apprehend him on wednesday hodgman went west on eighty but stopped an amry fell after hitting a concrete barrier police farhad shot at them they returned fire he later died at the hospital hajj onto wind toward them is seen service napa the alameda county district attorney's office and emeryville police are investigating in the case i'm sarah husseini kqed news san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi is calling on congress to provide immediate aid to the victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico and us virgin islands house minority leader yesterday called the disaster quote biblical in proportion and says time is of the essence when providing supplies to the region we have to move as quickly as possible and again we can't make the people of puerto rico and the virgin islands hole right now but we can give them great hope pelosi says medical supplies water food and communication resources will be a priority the trump administration and now yesterday it is temporarily waving controversial shipping restrictions that puerto rico officials say have hindered relief efforts you can find more bay area coverage.

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