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Following year, we were tested in late models. we race late model tells about seventeen eighteen. And before you know we're getting very fortunate with coming and everything more like you know the. Funding them. We've got right now like. Let's go try and do a one off truck race. Let's just go. Do it and. We're one Wanchai and into another war and forty note had ran or trap races within three months or so and. I was like a blessing we just Just got fallen that dream you know I was born being asked her driver soon as I said, my first lap go kart. So it was just. Very. Fortunate to have all the opportunities that I got. Growing up. Last year, you got signed fulltime by bj McLeod motorsports to drive the number five. What was that feeling like for you'd I mean? Obviously you're excited but you know and it's kind of a fulfilling a dream. That I'm sure you had as a kid growing up, you know doing modified slate models whatever what was that feeling like when you got that phone call you know since my very first truck race, I've known pee. kind of. Came over to me when I was when I mean my start with bobby daughter. Because he kinda, see me over there like he knew i. was nervous and stuff and he was super homeboy came over and talked to. Try to help me out coach me a little bit and. I'm always gonNA close to be day and I roy off where I was fortunate enough the rock couple race with. Seventeen and You know when you get up to the Sunnis. Crisis go up a little bit. You know to sign that deal last year was this a dream come true you know I couldn't have done it with you know better. team owner him, and Jessica. And they you know treated me like their own they do a lot for me. So, it was. It was school. You know be like Hey I'm fulltime NASCAR driver like I'm doing this for a living. And then they just take me in like..

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