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We're going to be mistakes aches and we're going to probably learn a lot more from those mistakes than our successes so this building process like. I said we started three years ago. We were focused on picks and prospects. I think if you look at the moves that were made we were sure we're GONNA protect protect those pixels prospects but again. We're going allow this team to be very competitive with the good we need to focus on those picks and prospects going forward and not we'll. Do you know there are moves that are made. They're designed to spill to fill specific traffic needs or positions there either directed to free up cap space or contract term or different numbers. <hes> some are based off agents skill. I think you'd be a look at ours. In the past year. A lot were to acquire the PECs prospects. The majority of our moves our last season. We're focused on building our own prospect pool and what we WANNA do is choir. These picks acquire the prospects. Whether it's this year or you're out doesn't preclude us from making other transactions since such a lateral move who for specific position but the idea was to retain our own prospect who for internal development and that's where your culture will come. You'll you'll teach your culture. You'll do your culture every day through your young players through the ones drafted through development camp into the H. L. in the NHL. You can put the big focus on competing character talk. That's a culture. We want to build around. We get these kids at a young age eighteen and we install that right from the start and also gives us the ability to strike when needed if you have to <hes> specifically feel a certain need or want on your team we can adjust the roster based office salary coproductions in contract structure but I think all this revolves around prospect pool that we needed to grow and we started accomplish out this year with this draft. Here's a look at the trades from from this season and and you can see like I said a lot. We're focused on the on the picks and prospects now. Listen Trade. Jake Muslims very difficult. He's a heck of a player real good player for us. WanNa cop and did a great job here but you can see that that that deal was focused around picks. We wanted to make sure we had a first round Jeff. Solomon will go into detail at the you know the ANALYTICA backgrounds into the draft pick we wanted to first round and two former second rounds and Carl strumming Schander Carl. You saw the last year you'll see a lot of him this year and Chandra's you'll be WPRO this year. Also <hes> Pearson haggling ended up being a third round pick and Jeff. We'll get into that that was Lucas Peric goaltender and was specifically designated for that draft in that position and so we know we had to have a different pick in the third round be able to do that. Oscar Lindberg that was picking a fourth round in this coming draft to allow more picks picks again and <hes> dominant Kuban was a young player that we had.

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