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And quiet. The lower deck of 93 Storrow Drive the O'Neill tunnels. They're all good. And the mass Turnpike TROUBLE. Frias. Well, my king with W. P. Z's traffic on the threes Thank you. Others. Daniel Nettle has the four day forecast will be turning out Mostly cloudy for tonight with a little bit of rain. Developing late low 45 for tomorrow cloudy with a bit of rain and drizzle high 55 degrees. Mostly cloudy and damp tomorrow night low 49. For Tuesday cloudy and chili a shower or some drizzle can't be ruled out high 53 then partly sunny as we work our way in the Wednesday by 52. Degrees Mackey, Weatherby urologist and E A little W B z Boston's NewsRadio Right now it is 46 degrees. Partly cloudy over Boston at 5 55. Seems to be a good fit for our small company. Any questions? Do you offer health benefits? Actually, we do. The Massachusetts Health Connector for business lets us offer comprehensive coverage, whether two or 10 employees. When can I start find affordable coverage for your company at Emma Health connector dot org's in Thailand. Pro democracy protesters in the country are demanding change from their leaders. CBS's Remy Inocencio has the details. In mid October, a group of protesters allegedly harassed the queen's motorcade a move they deny prime minister called State of emergency banning public gatherings of five or more people and targeting media groups critical of the government. You know what we had to police in front of the office every day is a news anchor for online broadcaster. Voice.

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