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The thing that like you know happens every three or four episodes or a little bit hack is in every episode for natural in this kind of theme is to dichotomy of good and evil these the two halves of a coin. That's the theme and everything yeah but that's specific and how do you put it. Yeah like that'll be your big theme right like it was exactly the big theme should been in like game of thrones but then they just ditched that theme to go for Nope. It's really the battle between the Lancasters in the target area. We don't actually have a theme so that should have been the theme but that theme and then on top of that you know you have interesting episodes. If you're doing weekly weekly we we have an overarching theme cooperative stuff. We have interesting episodes. Weekly would keep this gone forever. As long as we don't end. The cooperative feature of our life divorced very silver the once you end that the series is over the over arching theme is over. That's things were natural did they ended it and they're lying keep going and they went on and on and on for as far as I can tell ten more seasons yeah so we'll see we'll see what's up yeah what else okay so game of thrones yeah we'll. We'll do a big upset about it yeah so right. Now we have beg episode. I gave thrones. We have a big episode about Neil Gaiman. I'm in a big upset about supernatural taking notes and all these ideas they're probably already and they're so I will say we have a big long list of episodes. Actually we only have like three or four episodes in here passes one and so we need to get more to get back on that see. There's a lot of things when you're making a podcast guys. This is why our blog posts or suffering because we're barely staying above water and all the other stuff but anyways the other thing is the Terminator Trailer Dark Fay the news yeah. That's what it's called is coming out and we got sexy Old Lady Sarah Connor and dial me aroused. I don't know if that's a saying but it is now. Dial me aroused yes. She is like you know old now but she's back in the movie. Yeah Super Cool so is Arnold on the movie also dialed me aroused tailings very hot. One number movies like a million. I don't know something there's a lot of them and you know like they're the original from like the first several movies right is all about killing her to prevent her a child Blah Blah Blah starring so they're the originals <hes> and so clearly they're still around but it looks like there's another plot to kill somebody else. Who's also important right? It's like a sec local like all stories are ever repeating so that's the best that we really did this. Eric Connor thing was prolong the robot takeover for Lord tape right and now there's a whole new generation of robots taking over in the future and GonNa pass try and stop praying and so another thing too is the the newest generation of terminators are more humanoids so will looking up at two looking at like a list of some of the <hes> the different types of terminators and stuff like that right and so they have the like metal frame ones which is arnold right. I'll the tea I think he's like the t eight hundred something right so he's metal and he's got like the human outside skinny that's <hes> then there's not one thousand which was like the Liquid Guy Yup the Pomeranian right and then there is the one the t x which is the girl in the third one or fourth earth wind and she was kind of both right. I think that's what the new terminators are like. The bad guy we saw trailer. He left his excess Skelton driving the truck while he got out because he's two parts basically to robots and one one. He's the EXOSKELETON peas but instead of having like thick skin on like Arnold he's got the liquid metal on right then you can do both and then ruby whatever her name is it isn't it isn't no yeah. It's is totally different. I thought it was her pictures. She has sunglasses on it looks like her okay but yeah no okay well whoever that lady is the true the Good Guy Terminator and terminator quote unquote because it looks like more like she is like an Android <hes> or whichever version is a CYBORG. She's a Cyborg android is robots turned more human and cyborgs are humans turn more. I think he's basically I think she started as a human and and they turned her into a robot. Okay I think I think that's what we're GONNA find out. I think that's going to be a lot point point yeah but because it just because that's what like she said Oh I am human right and like either like she thinks she is and and she's not which has been a thing before like you know you thought they were but they weren't but I think she's going to turn out to be like she was human and they turned her into a robot Gotcha. So would you be a whole different thing so I I I would prefer to be liquid metal one. If I had the kid choose yeah because I feel like having the skeletal structure which is getting your way a lot of times. I feel like the problem problem with Arnold. Arnold's version is obviously you can tell if he gets hit by anything that he is not human while the other ones you just have to kill whoever saw you like being all liquidity. Oh Yeah and then like you know the problem with Arnold as soon as you could damage it. Little liquid one is like I'm assuming micro robots that you can't damage it really. He's a low user rights metals so anyways it would be a cool movie think I'll watch them. I think we thought up on them should go back and re washes because I probably ran movies from the seventies I am to think she is but she never seen lethal weapon until until I made her so that's just my damn. I've seen alien. Aliens also lethal weapon five before he saw leaving weapon one yeah. That's what they do in always yeah that's actually true. I watched a lot of movies from that time but a lot of them were like fantasy like a lot of labyrinth. If you watch the same movie over and over again you payment as watching a lot of these that is again I feel I'm feeling really attacked. Yeah you watch labyrinth that star wars scene four movies from that era. That's great I have not I've seen pretty woman. Let's true yeah. I've seen pretty woman. Yeah I made you watch pretty woman. I I saw a long time before you haven't seen willow. Though I have seen is really hard to sell every time I look at it. I'm like this other than Warwick Davis Davis. I recognize him but I could just recognize yeah. You don't recognize Val Kilmer in address. No I don't I hardly recognized Val kilmer fell. Kilmer recognized Baltimore is Batman. No I mean yeah I can. I definitely have seen those movies though I think I know I've seen all Batmans. What about how would you can't picture? What he looks like is my point? He's got a very generic Hollywood phase. Maybe Avenue. What about Tombstone Topgun? I like tombstone a lot. I've seen top gun. I've seen top gun a lot as well yeah but you don't know Val Kilmer Yeah Yeah see those are all the good movies back in the day the movies you need to catch up on a lot of those movies. I think you're not wrong. Do need to not those movies. I saw a ton of VAL kilmer in them. He did a lot yeah. He eat it a lot at certain the time period. Everybody's got their kind of time here. I'm trying to think of who it is now. I don't even know I don't know who it is now. That's like an everything almost more in a lot of stuff all right. Let's go to I WANNA go. I WanNa see international movie database. Oh the guy that's an the knew he was a or he's in the Elton John Biotech rocket man he was in Robin Hood. He's in the kingsman. He's one of those people I don't remember his name but yeah I think like when you know twenty years from now and people warlike back looking on it. They'll be like Oh yeah. He was all that great stuff right right. You know he's not quite at the peak of his famous. In the nineties was like a lot of stuff yeah I was thinking like to like Matt Damon and they weren't a lot of stuff yeah staff and then they kind of felt Brad Pitt lives in a ton of stuff yeah right Norton Yeah haven't seen him in a little bit so everybody kind of has their moment where they're in like tons of stuff yeah I think can we definitely have that so but arnold also had that he banking of which and it's getting us back to terminator. He's in in these movies. I don't know how much he's going to be in this movie but I hope it's lot what yeah he seems like. 'cause they like go to his home or whatever what I'm thinking is like it's just a minor plot point where he goes and bestows. Maybe a little bit of knowledge on them. Yeah I love to see him in there for more than just like a couple scenes. Yeah that'd be pretty cool because everybody loves arnold so even the people of California get to Chapel Yep Seltzer anyways <hes>. That's pretty much it for hotcakes unless you have anything anything now. Let's get onto our theme this week. which is we wanted to bring him back to gaming a little bit we have done a video game themed episode on Awhile which are brought up last week yeah and it's because we haven't played a lot of games lately? I feel Eli Apple. We're working on yeah picking that up yeah and this past week Jesse has been on like a little purchasing streak. 'CAUSE WE got a couple of new video games one of them being so caliber six. That's only one week this aw you've talked about the tour one but that's okay that was free gold for Microsoft xbox platform. Everybody should make sure that every month they download the free games yeah you have gold for sure but we were trying to think about it. Just think about kind of how we came together as a couple not specifically the games that we play but more of kind of like how in your current lifestyle with occurring games that you have. How do you get your significant other to play billions of u <hes>? How do you kind of make that a more cooperative experience? Yeah you and your lover Yeah Yeah Yeah so that's our theme this week. So I mean a lot of times. Jesse Jesse works from home. He tends to play a lot more video games than I do a lot of time killing sort of like little games that don't really we take a lot of attention which sometimes the best games I think for Co up stuff right <hes> rightly there is one that we never actually quite got around to playing it was like overcooked was the one time with them super cool. I was like man this be superfund play. You can spend fifteen minutes plantings and thirty minutes plant it an hour playing it again. We got busy..

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