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Ready for of last topics on soldier to die and wine. Get ready to shake things up. Here's Caitlyn that's kind of how I roll on these podcasts. Because I like to do it from anywhere and if I'm going to do it from a hotel room on the bed it's Shit's going to go wrong you know. I can't just have it go smoothly. If I'M GONNA throw it together in a hotel room number it wouldn't be authentic. So anyways K welcomed a great therapy. I'm your host Kaitlyn Bristowe and I need some therapy this morning. My Gosh okay. So we're in New York. I'm with my girlfriend Bailey. Ola and we are in a pretty decent hotel room size wise for New York. And so we've got Delaney here and first of all your name. Delaney child is such a power name. I am Big Name Guy. I like wait. What's your name but no Clayton? Sorry your full name. Yeah Clayton winner. I just people's names this is. This is literally such good material because people have always told me my whole life that my name is like you know like you said like a power name though. Yeah Oh that sounds like you're going to be like famous or like. Yeah like that. And his last name is winner to me is like I don't want that last name. This is her boyfriend. She's talking whatever links such as savage. But you don't you don't like downgrade your name. My name like flows really nicely. Delaney child's gasoline we winter like a Hollywood like an old Hollywood Glamour. Like me okay wait. I have a thought on this. Feel like people's names are their identity and when you get married. I'm all for the tradition and the romance of taking somebody's last name but I also think that's such a thing of the past where now it's like. You are Delaney child's. Yeah that's become Clayton child literally. I suggested that because I said to that I can pretty much guarantee if we had a child and we gave the option which last name it would want. It would want child's right people. Call him not him personally but they mistake it for Weiner all the like that was it. Yeah I was GonNa say people always called you Clayton Weiner. Yeah so like Weiner so the kid would want my name anyways and I'm like why does the girl always like have to sacrifice her name. Why can't the boy be like I'll do this for you to like? Why does it have to be that way? Why don't we put the seat up after we saw? Everybody has been wondering. That's the million dollar question. Why don't we do that for the guys? That don't know we're not GONNA do that. Jason leaves the sometimes. He's usually pretty good lately. He's been lazy but the one time I fell in I will let him live it down. I had to get in the shower. Like six in the morning because talking about dramatic situations. Bailey's taking off her bandage from our it drip this morning. I survived. I haven't had a seizure yet. Oh my gosh she tells me afterwards we got okay so we got IV drips. Which by the way I thought we were getting hooked up and it was so expensive. I totally would. I looked at the price I was like. Oh Shit okay so I hope it works but you know we're like a little bit hung over and we're trying to get these. Iv drips done. I tell he's having a panic. A mini panic attack. And then she tells me after that you when you got needles when you're younger you would have seizures okay. So Real Big Meister. My younger self could see me now. Really proud of you anyways. Okay Yeah just stay sitting for so doing. You're here in New York with your boyfriend event and you live in. La Yes okay. So how would people know you because you've got a pretty good presence online here? I did some creep in and you see how do people like. How did you grow your your audience for like because some people you know are on a show or how did you do it? Honestly just posting like every day consistently yeah and just posting valuable content. I mean what I thought was valuable. So beauty lifestyle Really just like creating content around that and then I've made it like a really big part of my brand to be positive on everything just to have like a lot of positives so I feel like that has a lot of people in too because you know some people might not even be there for fashion or something. But they'll just message me and be like I love you. Know your little notes about positively or like turning day around or something like that so I feel like that has something to do with it. Do Okay I need a little bit of this in my life. Jason Calls me a pessimist which I don't think I am because I don't think I would be where I am if I had. A negative attitude was a pessimist. I'm I'm a big MANIFESTER WORD. Manifest or yeah. It sounded weird but I could. I could be a little more positive in my days. So how do you turn your days around? If you're 'cause you must get negative or down. So how do you? How do you turn around literally the easiest and best thing to turn your day around or be positive just to show gratitude? Yeah so literally like every little thing you can be grateful for and if you're having a bad day or a bad moment or something you can remind yourself that you can use both your legs and not you should be grateful for that or you can go get a hug from someone who you care about and just soak it in for thirty seconds and be grateful that you have that person in your life you can look at the sky and be like. I am so fortunate that I can see the sky and people can't see that or you can go taste things and be like. I'm so fortunate that I can taste things and I have food like you can find gratitude and everything and as soon as you focus on that it. Switches a flip flip? The switch always do something like that I did and it just attitude around and injured around and then the more you focus on the things. You're grateful for you will tracked more than like manifesting. Yeah Bailey just got the five minute journal and so we're doing that this morning and it is just like you were saying about the five minute journal where you write things down and seen that and writing it down just changes your day right off the Bat. Because you're just waking up in like what am. I grateful for today car and you start seeing that car everywhere. Like when you're more intentional with your thoughts their powerful so you can actually kind of control your brain a little bit more. I agree with that. That's really cool question for you. Do you own or rent your own home..

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