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The ugly. And this might be me just being mean hurt. But I do think this is ugly. And that's the fact that Major League Soccer's playing these games during an international break. We are at the crunch time of the season. Huge games for playoff implications. And you're playing these games without the leagues in theory. Biggest stars. Is this the way to do business? Not for your fans. It's a huge disk justice disservice to your players. I mean, who pays attention to these games, during a FIFA picture date in a serious proper footballing culture, nobody. This is why this is why U.S. soccer Major League Soccer should try at least aligning itself in a way where these games don't happen. I understand why they're happening now. I understand that they prioritize tournaments like CCL, like you and it's got like least cup. These business ventures that they think they need to operate, but there's going to come a time where there will be no place for games during FIFA fixture date windows. And it is ugly. It's ugly for the fans. It took me for the players who have to participate. And it's also ugly for some of these national team players who have to go and leave their clubs because they'd like to be involved in this postseason. I guess destiny talk as well. I mean, I just look at it from a coach's standpoint. You're supposed to make the playoffs and these games are decisive. Like, we know how close the conference standings are and what a win can mean in terms of finishing, you know, somewhere between 9th and 5th. Like that's what we're playing for right now at this point of the season. You're a coach and you don't have your biggest tools at your disposal. Come on. I mean, for the fans it's not a complete product for the coaches. It's not a complete product. You know, if we're gonna call into validity in the question of the validity of anything, it's not Phil Neville complaining. It's these games and how they impact the playoff race. We got what? We got MLS back on TV Sunday, right? That's.

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