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Four is great for your back for some stage. Day along with mon have to get from the bolt and not only tamely of and the right shoulder spots and they didn't do that. None of them did that So the question is why. Are you playing with two defensive. Midfield those who say the great defensively kind. Get your attackers the ball. Because that's why we can go taken off. Nobody gave him the ball the whole game he can. He can survive with supply and right now the england midfield not all in this game of the previous game was osam. They can't get the front three any supply. That's interesting because i think in the world cup of three years ago now england did go over three of the back and think through the backfiring today might suit them a bit better because the two wing backs could possibly pushed a bit higher. You could the front line and sentences safe owed and all stolen being a bit more narrow playing closer to maybe created more. Because i think i like flight matchup against scotland that we make it better because again we talk about how polling played by folks played really well defensively. Though very solid they would drill. Then you what they were doing safe for england. Surprised that didn't go back towards us system going into the game because it's something don't before and criticism has been leveled at southgate because some people don't like it depends on what he thinks if he thinks he's a neuro direction. Because again resolves again the point let's ended today. We're getting of the group right on right now but this the will you know what we're just going to get better with this with this team and the we will plan if he thinks that we then that's been trouble. Hurricane is going to be criticized. I imagine a lot. Are we in a situation. Where what you expect. When he's getting supply or he should be getting more involved. Both i think he looked off in the two games. He's played so far and then he doesn't look. This is what he has been in the past supply. Obviously the main issue if you don't get chances. And he was isolated up against scotland three today. But that was mon steve big in watching the game. Steve is almost the problem in going to go through. Top the group or something qualify and got no momentum particularly good in the last game. That was an awful game for england. We played really well. You know who nullified everything they are off johnstone's header but that go into the last game in potentially into the knockout stages. We're no momentum. Feel good factor. You look at the english team and you think. He hasn't installed rushed for jet stark realis- yet jaden sanchez. Just made the squad..

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