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The life safety unit is reportedly not completing its required billions fractions only five percent of the city's five thousand plus apartment buildings were recently inspected the houston final harbin and calls the audit helpful and is promising to address the reports concerns of texas health and human services now reporting the accident a release of private medical information agency says over eighteen hundred people may be affected by the breach which happened in an office in the heintz the information was found next to an unsecured dumpster includes names client numbers health information and bank account numbers agency is now investigating the databreach people worry that their data may have been exposed to go to the hhs website nick rank of its newsradio seven forty ktrh ktrh news time eleven oath three mixed messages from the president trump and his legal team on whether he's actually being investigated for possible obstruction of justice those of the new questions of the continuing investigation into russia's election meddling the president's lawyer making the rounds was at pains to correct the record about a presidential tweet that appeared to confirm he's facing an obstruction of justice investigation after his decision to fire fbi director james comey and yet trump so tweet would seem to suggest otherwise quote i'm being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director witchhunt that's abc's david rights at the white house reporting on the national weather service said there's down on ninety percent chance of low pressure area over the caribbean sea to develop into a tropical depression or storm with in the gulf of mexico at storm is moving into the gulf him could form by monday it's too early to predict a storm track some early models have going down to mexico others have going up towards mississippi and louisiana all the astros they are trying to come back with a rally against the red sox are in the middle of the ninth going into the bottom of the ninth inning the restaurants still leave lead six two five admitted may our next update's at eleven thirty i'm eric sharp on news radio seven forty ktrh are you putting your money into an.

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