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When we return Anthony. His fourth victim parkas listeners. I have some big news regarding the critically acclaimed series famous fates. Although season one has ended the franchise still lives on starting may thirteenth. The famous fate speed will feature season two titled Falls From Grace Available. Only on spotify joined Carter and I as we turn to examine some of the most accomplished and controversial people to ever live. You'll discover what drove these history makers to be so successful in their respective fields and what led to their ultimate disgrace available for free and only on spotify falls from grace will release two episodes a week over twelve weeks each focusing on the fame and shame of a notable figure from OJ Simpson and Marie Antoinette. To Howard Hughes and Elizabeth homes. You'll dive into a rich variety of impactful stories from every aspect of history there shocking drama disturbing details and all the indepth research that you've come to expect from us and most importantly these episodes are all free and only available on spotify. Famous fates falls from grace is a podcast original starting may thirteenth. Two new episodes released every Wednesday. Listen free and only on spotify now back to the story by Tober of two thousand eight forty nine year old anthony so well had killed three women and sexually assaulted many others. He left the bodies of his murder victims to rot among the garbage piled up in his house but no matter how many he killed. It was never enough that month. He hit the streets of Cleveland. Ohio once again to search for his next victim this time his target was Michelle Mason. We don't know exactly how Anthony Lured Michele to his home but it was likely with promise of drugs. She had a history of illness and addiction. She had just begun her recovery in the fall of two thousand eight but her bright prospects were cut short by meeting with Anthony so well in the days following her disappearance. Michelle's family tried and failed to get police to intervene left with few options. They took matters into their own hands. Hanging missing person posters around the neighborhood desperate to find anyone who had knowledge of Michelle's whereabouts. Unfortunately they were too late evidence later indicated that by this time Anthony had already strangled Michelle Mason and left her body to rot in his home. The law with this other victims. Michelle was the fourth woman to go missing and Anthony's neighborhood over the previous eighteen months. There was a serial killer on the loose but no one would acknowledge.

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