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Okay that's funny i think that's very funny the irish some irish are not thinking it's funny again this is twenty eighteen this is not nineteen eighteen there's no irish being discriminated against in america okay we can all have a little laugh at ourselves here's a in fact i'm gonna make you laugh at yourself here's the second cut this common here aren't you guys worried about like deformities from inbreeding what like bird bones soft skull strawberry knows techniques breath brown blood one big toe great advice but you're about five hundred years too late i thought you know saturday night live doesn't make me laugh very often but i laughed at that so from the daily edge out of ireland is outraged about this and here is they're saying saturday night live saint patrick's day sketch was just as unfunny as you'd expect after that whole air lingus thing so it starts the united states went all out for saint patrick's day this year by the way i think the the us is more pro irish than the irish than the irish irish i might say that am i starting to get an accurate yes to continue reading i we had that ridiculous us army happy saint patrick's day video where they were shooting shamrocks from tanks and firing shamrock missiles across the sky because apparently that's the only way they know how to celebrate patriotism oak ghetto for it come on then we had saturday night live latest catch about ireland unlike the godawful aer lingus sketch with sir sharon which had no obvious plot or storyline and seemed to be written five minutes before the episode began this week sketch had an actual plot there was a bit more thought put into it so much though that you'd believe they put ten minutes into it this time around first they start off with a map that is a missing chunk of ireland.

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