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Well I'm very happy we don't have to take a test I think it was I mean I'm triple vaccinated Now I just had my booster and I think that's sufficient But there's one hitch most Canadian day trippers haven't remembered While you don't need a negative test to return to Canada you do have to have their special arrive can app downloaded and information on the app completed before crossing back into BC It's something that even caught CTV reporter Shannon Patterson off guard I was told to go back into the United States to fill out a trip itinerary and quarantine plan on that app before I could cross back into Canada The American border guard said 95% of his traffic today was British columbians trying to get home who'd been turned back You keep in mind that Americans traveling into Canada across the border have to have this app as well be fully vaccinated and you still have to have that negative COVID test result Brian Calvert 6 ten now at como and the Mariners introduced their new $110 million mound ace details from como's Bill Schwartz at the peak and plumbing sports desk 30 year old lefty Robbie ray won the 2021 American League Cy Young pitching for Toronto He parlayed that award into a 5 year free agent contract where the $115 million from Seattle Ems president Jerry to poto loves raise aggressive style on the mound Taking the step from good to great was dominating his own the way he did And we're really excited to see what that does Coming off their Monday night lost the Seahawks have a quick turnaround getting ready for a Sunday home game against the forty-niners Seattle three and 8 and today bring in future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson signing him to the practice squad The Seattle cracking of won four of their last 5 hockey games but a short handed tonight as they take the ice in Detroit Forwards Jordan Everly and Jaden Schwartz lower body injuries young crock and goalie Chris dreger go to the injured reserve and the NHL is suspended LA kings forward Brendan lemieux 5 games for biting the right hand Yes biting Ottawa's Brady kuchuk Lemieux forfeits $38,000 salary Sports updates at ten and 40 after the hour Bill Schwartz come on in Charges today against a 15 year old sophomore accused of opening a fire at his Michigan high school killing four students and injuring at least 7 some critically ABC's reena Roy reports A heartbreaking update to the tragedy that's shaken Oxford Michigan Police announcing a fourth student has now died identifying him as 17 year old Justin shilling Well honor their memory not just with the charges but to talk about their life and what amazing young people they were 14 year old Hannah saint giuliana 17 year old Madison Baldwin and 16 year old Tate Meyer were also killed When authorities say 15 year old Ethan crumbly opened fire Tuesday afternoon at his high school 7 others including a teacher were hurt Prosecutors announcing he will be charged as an adult with one count of terrorism causing death Four counts of first degree murder 7 cult counts of assault with intent to murder and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony Crumbly a rain Wednesday appearing via video Investigators now sifting through evidence examining the suspect's notebook his cell phone and other digital devices to find out why he did this Authorities say he was in class earlier in the day later coming out of a bathroom armed with a semi-automatic handgun his father just bought on Black Friday Students barricading themselves inside classrooms as the shooter roamed the school There was a bullet hole in her door My first thought is I might die I need a text my parents And you tell them I love them Others running for their lives or trying to get help more than a hundred people calling 9-1-1 to prevent further tragedies Like the one we witnessed yesterday and at large we have got to address responsible gun ownership in this country and in Oakland county Kids deserve better Parents deserve better Teachers deserve better We have to do better There have been more than 650 mass shootings in America this year alone nearly doubling since 2018 according to the gun violence archive Rina Roy ABC News New York Much is still unknown about a high profile fatal shooting in Beverly Hills today 81 year old Jacqueline the wife of legendary music executive clarence avant shot and killed at her home ABC's will car on what's been discovered by police so far when officers arrived they say the suspects were gone They found 81 year old Jacqueline with a gunshot wound she later died at the hospital Clarence avant is a Grammy winning executive.

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