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The fighting well we'll see what happens after that I think they were fighting actually overnight but it's kind of a night I believe that there was some incidents yes level will be honored the five day cease fire do they ever no they haven't really under well that's a with some preliminary reports are indicating now that there's been some sort of violence overnight but whatever we'll see well you know we'll see what happens is that it's been going on for centuries so one five down we'll take a five day pause and I will start killing each other again I don't know what it was but it may give the chance the Kurds a chance to get the hell out of there that that was really the motivation behind this to to let the courage to get out of there which is nice considering it was seven thousand people in defeating ISIS we are they want to put a buffer zone but we talked about this yesterday the Turks I mean you know nobody knows nobody's clear about the timeline everybody that wants to criticize the president says that that he just allow the Turks to come in and and and he says no the talks said they were coming in come hell or high water and I took out twenty six to twenty troops out and those troops were helping the the Kurds protect a gourd actually these imprisoned ISIS fighters and to that I say Mister president have them executed right do that that's my one of beef with the president is execute those ISIS **** before you leave or or tell the courage to do it or so the courage to take it upon themselves and do it anyway the president was in Texas left twenty four thousand people twenty four thousand people in the house outside of upwards of a ten thousand and that it was wrong but the reason why he was attacked one of the reasons why I was they opened a for a factory Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton down if they open a factory a thousand jobs they're gonna make Louis Vuitton you know purses and shoes or whatever the hell they do and does so number of bombs said manufacturing jobs are not coming back he did say that he gonna do well global wave a wand or something so anyway as the president walk through the Louis Vuitton factory yesterday Donna this French worker this French woman engaged in conversation and this is what happened you have call maybe we have a better president maybe.

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