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Now the goal is are on fire now, it's like nonstop elements. Let me see what I'm saying. Do. And yet you're not like this game. All I don't know. I haven't played it. What what is what what what about this is like, no? I don't think. So no nothing about it is no. But it does make me laugh that it's like Scott Stevens on the front of it. Do you know Scott Stevens is isn't he the guy that that basically killed polio? He's on the run NHL. What do you want? What do you want? He's it's it's an on the nose joke. Was he good? When this game came out Scott Stevens is horrifying. He has a goatee that gives me nightmares. But was he like now is he a good enforcer? Like was he player? Yes. He was so good and his defensive partner was Scott Nita Meyer, those two guys New Jersey, New Jersey used to be the fucking coolest hockey team and scary in mean and all my God. It's why people New Jersey love the devil. It would still be the New Jersey Devils, but it would have a different connotation. Can we talk about how the devils is the dope is fucking name ever credit debit. They have a negative aspect of their team. Because it's like they're don't do. Well, or something about our people don't like New Jersey. Well, it's because they have to compete with the New York Rangers. Yeah. And I'm like the devils for years we'll after because it Messier came in ninety four. But then after that Scott Stevens was like, no, I kill you. Like, you don't go pass. Like people don't understand like, Wayne Gretzky out sucks. 'cause I'm ESPN people. Listen this who don't play hockey. I don't blame me. But maybe this game might sound interesting to you and all the stats, but like I love hockey so much now show to this debt. This is why Scott Stevens is so impressive. Okay. Scott Stevens in my theory is the reason he retired from hockey the reason, that's you know, the reason Wayne Gretzky quit. Oh is because people like Scott Stevens exist. Oh, well, yeah. He was terrifying. You it's gonna take your teeth necklace. Wayne Gretzky if Wayne Gretzky never scored a goal in his whole career. He'd still have the most points of any hockey player to ever play the game. If weighing with fast food, every two thousand points winning grassy second person, Wayne Gretzky again like this was when people talk about Michael, Jordan. They should describe him has the Wayne Gretzky of basketball. That's how good Wayne Gretzky is compared to any other major athlete. I swear to God. It's fucking crazy Philip stat. Now this guy literally killed a person on ice. You can Google it. Google scott. Stevens, Paul Korea. He didn't literally kill him. There's a point where you can see him breathing. Yeah. So you even if like the exaggeration of killed them a person, stopped breathing. Somebody hit him that hard. And for a moment, they weren't on this planet. Like, that's how hard the person. So I've watched that clip, and it is horrified hunting tear that was I wasn't fans of either of those teams growing up in that series was like this his hockey. Oh my God. Because he died on ice Glen came back five minutes later when the nicest goals I've ever seen in my life. And he doesn't remember any of it. Right. So like higher fun is a terrifying. Terrifying sport. And this is the one sport we get to be like this game that we get to be as violent as crazy. Try the hardest things pasta. So would you would you intentionally try to get into fights? Yeah. Yes..

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