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The this is about these are purporting to be real people were purporting to be documenting their real actions and emotions and stuff. And so the. Reality is like there's going to be chunks of time where we just say like these are just people talking to each other. And that's okay parks and rec did that faithfully until the very end. Like, the almost the entire finale is is like some level. Yeah. So at the end of season two you introduce Ben Wyatt. And Chris traeger, Adam. How do you remember when you first heard about parks and rec where you watching the show before you got on on the show? I was I actually the first time I heard about it was when they announced the Mike in Greg. We're gonna make a new show together. And I think at the time correct me if I'm wrong, Mike, but I think at the time like when it was first announced it was announced as a sort of office spin on that was a an unfortunate. Yeah. Leak of an incorrect piece of information. Yeah. But whatever it was I remember I was in a house. I was on location a freezing part of Connecticut. And I was between seasons of tell me you love me. Right on HBO. And it was before they cancelled it, and we were going to go shoot another season. I think, but I remember seeing this announcement and e mailing one of my reps and saying, hey, can we get me off of this show? And and can I get on this as as a joke because I had been we'd been waiting a year to start shooting the second season of and it was starting to feel like maybe it wasn't going to happen, which it it didn't. So by the time, they were auditioning people for parks, and what ended up being parks and rec I was able to audition for and I went in addition. I remember with recedo and Mike and choked. I I was too nervous. And and it just didn't happen, and I was really bummed out. But then immediately afterwards, my friends, rob Thomas, Dan, rich and John bomb and Paul Rudd who'd created party down as. Me to go and do that. And so so it was like, oh, yeah, I'm free. And so I went in and did that. And then I think because of party down Mike ended up asking me is is that right? It was part of the equation. I was I was a fan of yours before party down. And you like to talk about how you bombed, and then addition, but you really didn't. And I remember talking to Howard Klein from three arts about I remember being like this guy, we're bringing this guy back we've got to bring this guy back, and then we're making changes to the show at the end of season to you. And I had a meeting yet my office. And I was like, listen, we don't know exactly what this is. But we're adding a character who's going to be a love interest for Leslie. Do you want to do it? I think I just said I don't it wasn't like let's have a Koi Hollywood meeting where we like pretend. The there's a lot. I have a lot of options, and you have a lot of options. Yeah. Just kind of like do you want to be on the show? Yeah. I remember that. That and I was so flattered because I was a fan of the show. Once it started airing. I I watched the show, and yeah, you said, and I think I said yes, right there then. Yeah. So it was an uncool a very honest Hollywood meeting, which is the better kind of meeting. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Happened in the room..

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