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Okay. Anderson Silva, Israel Sonya I was shocked at the outrage over this booking. What did you think about it guys? I think if for fighter with Anderson Silva's pedigree coming off a win if he's ever ever ever going to make a run at a belt again much like Michael biffing late in his career. It's kind of a now or never time for Anderson Silva, he has he has one win since what twenty thirteen twenty twelve and that was the win over Derek Brunson a good while ago. And even that, I don't know if everyone agreed but. Coming back from from his most recent win. It's to me. It's now or never so you can't there. You're not going to be able to get fading fighters climb the middleweight rankings in my opinion. If you're interesting, so I didn't have a problem with it. Again, we agree to matchmaking in favor of out of Sonya. He's the heavy favorite. But I didn't have a problem with it only because Anderson's not just spinning his tires to write out his career. Hey, the entire architecture of of combat sports MMA boxing. What have you is? It's all built upon fighters who have been at the top who may be coming down to earth versus fighters who are trying to build up their brand trying to build up their legacy trying to create a legacy and how they do it will they do it by climbing over the older fighters. And that's what that's what always happens in the fight game. And sometimes it doesn't work out for these guys. You know, Donald ceremony was supposed to be. The guy being climbed over just a couple of weeks ago that didn't work out. So so good, so Josie Alba to some extent, you know, even though he was highly ranked there was he was the underdog last Saturday night. He was he's the the he's not too old. But he's, but he was the older legend being being Klein over by the rising the rising star well that didn't quite work out. So well either. So sometimes it works out for these young guys. Maybe a workout out assign. You maybe not maybe this'll be the this'll be interesting Silva's moment to say, you know, you wanna be you want me to be the gatekeeper. I'm closing the gate. I'm no gambling expert. But I just looked at the latest lines sign is like a minus six thirty Aniston around plus four twenty five. I am shocked. This seems to big in my opinion, especially for a fighter like Addison who you know, is going to go out there. Be on the front foot looked to stand in trade and get the impressive finish. He's gonna put himself out there. He's not going to be. I don't think he's going in there with. A terribly conservative game plan. I think with his confidence and how he's trying to build his own brand. He's he's going to put himself out there and be on that front foot. So they always say bet the number not the fight. We're betting the fight. I take out of Sonya for bedding the number. I'm gonna pause because you're giving me four and a half or even up to five to one. I'm seeing on Anderson Silva, it's worth a look. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. Look everybody wants to get behind the latest trends in all around sports and sign you in may is the latest trend one of them at least. And so you know, Anderson Silva was going to have to prove that he still has what we always have seen him. Do. He hasn't shown you know, that great flash in his last bunch of he's he's. You know, maybe he is on that that fading downhill trajectory, but we'll find out on Saturday when he gets in there with a guy who was not going to going to fight a conservative fight as as you said. I mean, he's out of sign you the right opponent for for the show every single thing that he's still got left, and we'll say it and at this point with Anderson. I'm surprised that people are so quick to write him off. Because if if you're I know last night was like two years ago. But I thought he won that fight against Eric Brunson. I don't think he's looked old at all. And he was knocked up by Chris wideman. But I don't think he's you can case he beat Michael Spain. He's never looked like forty three at this point. And you know, the the odds say at this juncture, you know, he's he's probably gonna start slipping..

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