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I'm I am so excited to see Thunderdome. I'm thinking I got to tune in and actually watched the show tonight to see it. And, in fact, they're giving it away for free on social media but to be fair I watched the video and they gave a little bit away but they didn't give the whole thing away. We saw the we saw basically with the Thunderdome was, and we saw where all of the people are going to be but we actually didn't see any of the fans they're. Being all wacky and so there is still something to see tonight. On the Thunderdome. So the Thunderdome is going to be tonight the Thunderdome is going to be such lamb on Sunday. We'll give you the card for that here in a little while but in t takeover tomorrow is still going to be emanating from full sail. We have cards for all of these shows as well as the a w dynamite show that is taking place on Saturday night. Obviously was no aws on Wednesday. Annexed he ran unopposed did very good number. Some people were expecting it to break million. I did not think he was going to break million I thought it might break nine hundred thousand but it was a little bit below that but still their best number in forever although there is one demo stat that is just so mind blowing to me I can't even believe. My eyes, but it actually happened. So we'll tell you about that at a bunch of other news as well. In the final segment of the show. There is a big event with beyond wrestling coming up this weekend we talked to Paul Crockett about the process of running a big event. Now, in the middle of a pandemic play,.

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