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Hate to miss a great t. news story or feature sign up for the k. u. t. news, weekly newsletter and subscribe to the k. u. t. news weekend podcast to get caught up on stories. You might have missed this week, manage all your k. u. UT and KT x. newsletter, subscriptions at newsletters dot k. u. t. dot org. From the university of Texas at Austin, k UT radio. This is in black America. Be for racing. Two mothers to raise single boys by themselves, which was the case with my mother who raised four boys ourselves and also for you who look at the direction and looking for a way out in the weight overcoming obstacles. So that was the purpose of writing the biography, inner city miracle, and then had a noble base newsly based on my time as a judge trait called St. judge. And that was giving some insight into the workings of the Justice system as well as politics where I came from, which is where I my bones, if you will, my career. And so those are the reasons I wrote those books once again to provide insight into the Justice system. And of course inspire Greg Mathis former Superior Court. Judge for Michigan's thirty six court and hopes of the long run reality TV courtroom program judgments, just. Hasn't been extremely fortunate. Now entering is nineteen season on television. Most courtroom program. I kids have a limited shelf life. Judge Mathis is the second longest serving court show arbitrator and the longest serving African American arbitrator in courtroom reality. Television also judge Mathis is one of only two have halted their program from the beginning at the youngest judge in Michigan history. Judge Mathis brought a common sense approach to the bench. He was known as the judge of second chances that same compassion is on this plane for Yahoo TV courtroom. I'm John Johansen, junior, and welcome to another edition up and black America l. Newsweek's program the Otto, Greg Mathis in black America. My contract wasn't very much more than what I made on the bench in Detroit, so it wasn't necessarily the money. It was the ability to affect change and inspire folks throughout the country. By using television as that platform. Just Greg math is known for its compassion is advocacy campaigns for urban news and equal Justice. His inspirational life story of streetwise. You've rose from jail to judge, has provided hope to millions of watch him on the EMMY nominated award, win reality, television courtroom program. Judge Mathis, born and raised in Detroit. Michigan judge Massie grew up in the Herman gardens housing project on the motor city's northwest side following into strain father's footsteps. He joined the Earl Flynn's street gang that led him to being incarcerated in the Wayne County jail while in jail, his mother gave him the bad news. She had colon cancer that methods changes life around. He went onto eastern Michigan university and in one thousand nine hundred seventy earned along degree from the university Choi, mercy pastor Vimy came the youngest judge in Michigan history when he was elected in nineteen ninety five to thirty. Six district court recently in black America spoke of judge methods regarding the upcoming nineteen season of VR debase television program and lessons learned along the way. I'll put it nice. I was troubled youth. In Detroit, and most people know that story I was in and out of juvenile and my last contact as an adult with the court system. I changed my life as judge ordered and went to college and ultimately after law school, my law license with withheld for three years because of my background, even ahead been expunged. And I went and one my license to practice at the Michigan supreme court. So it was a struggle. What was it about the law that sparked your interest civil rights and equal Justice? When I first had the college, you know, grown up and and all African American neighborhood and poverty neighborhood. And so when I got to college and I saw the contradiction, all these other kids and college students living good lives and all most for the most part, didn't know that existed. And so when I saw the contradiction and began to read a lot, it convinced me that I should get in. Volved in the struggle to type of opportunity to people that come for my for my background was their judgment in your study habits when you're tended law school. Well, and undergrad there was by the fourth year of undergrad. I was disciplined enough to read those several hours a day, two months, reading law school. But yes, the first two years was an adjustment. I'll still low rough around the edges and still involved a little petty things college, quite frankly, by my second year was a good student and I was leading marches on campus during that time. It was the anti-apartheid movement. I was the leader of that. I was president of the ACP and college so best

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