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Gotta eat that crow. I didn't pick him. That's cool. That's cool. I mean, I was for me. Rod look. I still feel justified in my pick. I didn't see Nordine out classroom. I'm gonna Google impasse. The ball. Find out who else is in this division, and how Nordine is gonna stack up. I don't think Walli is that biggest shit. He was perceived as a punch or couldn't even drop Warren born with standing straight up straight up in these exchanges because he had absolutely no fear. And you know, he was just really trying to win. But he doesn't have the power. I mean, he hit this dude with with the with so many right hooks. Just it just didn't work, you know, it just didn't work. And obviously the pressure of Nordine is initial Warren and Brunner have the same disease. And I it stems from not letting your hands go, and it causes you to lose fights. I wished it Warren would've because I bet on him. I thought that he would be able to get it done. But he didn't. And we'll see what's next for a while. Yeah. I agree. One hundred percent. This is. Interesting division because the world box super series. I hope you out next. This is that no need to donate their a new way his brother as well. I mean Rodriguez Salani Tetteh, even I think Ryan Burnett number even though it's a very stack division. If you follow the this way class so refreshing, Warren, definitely needed as fight. And I thought that when he was fighting Nordine he didn't look that great either competitive. These other guys that I saw in this way class. Definitely a lot of props in my opinion. I definitely thought he outhustled outperformed. He definitely deserves win. There was no controversy in their little disappointed machine. Warren, considering the fact that you see these highlights of very fast hands very talented been Olympics three times experience. He fought Regan. Dow, you know, this is the second time fighting Nordine in it was a very close fight in the Olympic. So he had a little experience in there. And he's fought better opponents as a professional in my opinion. So coming in his fight. I favored him Nordine. Deftly deserve the wind. He's definitely someone. We can't overlook now. But guys, I Lewis Narian hair. This is a very stack division. So I don't know how how long he's going to hold that belt because he's gonna have a mandatory against one of the the brothers of anyway. So. And on Dina's Roy Jones who might end up taking this belt. So the UFC right because I seem Roy Jones in the corner Seymour Jones training them a wonderful. Roy Jones is managing him. We'll bring you more on that later just to give you some sort of Gaijin who's in his division. First and foremost, I wanna say, wow, no dean jumped up I could've sworn when we talked about this Thursday. He was nowhere in the top ten. And now, he's number six. Yup. With this. Poor Warren who was in the top ten drops to the fifteen but from fifteen being. Piggyback on that Roy Jones hill Miller is on Roy Jones card on January thirty first. Left field. So by Yano, Jamie McDonnell. I never heard of Omar under this Nevada's Carlos coie that ISIS there. Ryan burnett. Mark John yet never heard of John Maloney, slightly heard of him and manual drinkers..

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