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Well thank you for hanging out. Gentlemen we'll have served donald. Donald trump step on up here for the night ceremony. Dis-official it has been done. We're gonna send that big ring off to them. They're mar-a-lago so i'm trial to pronounce. The has sir. Donald trump sir rip off the maple black night that is not jacob the quiet corner and sir kevin keeper of the time. Gentlemen for you. We've got hookers and blow rent boys and chardonnay by special request. We have more motor bowl and al pasta tacos. We've got some leftover salt. Bush mutton and divorce throws with missiles chutney want. We've got The regular mutton meat. But i think you should have this one head on. Over to noah agenda nation dot com slash rings and give eric. She'll the dimensions you'd like. We can get the ring out to you along with the sealing wax in the official certificates you can proudly display it and please do post this on On the social no agenda social dot com is a good place if you have to. Twitter still still works him. I don't know how many people will see what you post there. But it's worth giving it a try and we had a number of meet. Ups take place we do have a few reports. All the no agenda meet ups is scheduled to meet ups dot com report from april. The south dakota gitmo nation of the successful gathering of citizens Is on the books. Great looking group including a venerable night venerable night a couple of douche bags recently relocated minnesotans. We shared food drinks and excellent conversation. No one was triggered. Please wishing early. Happy birthday to woody of the falls who has been listening since day. One looking forward to the next gathering with the fine citizens of south dakota local nine nineteen report up from tj. Of course we had a wonderful time with wonderful people since the best podcasts in the universe deserves nothing less than the best. Meet up attend dis in the universe much. Thanks to sir. Dude named daniel who runs the website that made putting this together super easy indeed. Several people said they wanted to attend to meet up. And i'm here to tell folks if you want one schedule one you too could have a wonderful time or worse case scenario no one shows up. He still had a chance to get out of the house and drink some beer like these folks in florida in the morning. John and adam. This is sir. Dave goes from the southwest. Florida pre inauguration. Meet up at the beach box cafe. And i'm here with Some of your most loyal fans jess lavelle. Australian douchebag kathy summer friend of mason in illinois will present status douchebag page on and on this is kathy. Thank you for your courage. China is asshole. This is squire. Chris crowley from south west florida and i am currently a douchebag but later this afternoon i would making my first fifty one dollars donation because the night said he would behead me if i did not thank you for your courage. Thank you chris. The gauntlett has been thrown in the morning. Everybody all right. Now we go to quebec and canada navia. No agenda meetups quebec meets hair in the other scandinavian tundra. And we're doing and curfew in width sir. Effigy beaumont john for moi degrades celsius. Kufo john mr puerta jaas all ski. Do it's like a pot. Do according to quebec law all media must be bilingual too. That's why they add a little bit of france as in there. And i think i caught that it was twelve degrees and john. It'll be too cold for you. I didn't hear all the rest of it. Dallas fort worth. Come on him with your meet up. Report. this is jared snickered. Frisco texas hosting my very first meet up in the morning. And i'm gonna pass around these don for blazer crafter dot com just wondering no signs are now on the no agenda shop. Stop by and pick up you signed in the morning to you from dallas. Texas is alexa. I deduced myself today. And i'm here with a bunch of mo foes hit that was julie and this douchebag gerry this is eric point having a great time with great people john from dallas in the morning. All right in the morning everybody. Here's what's coming up on the no agenda meet ups calendar no agenda meet ups dot com tomorrow the international edition meeting at four o'clock That is miami beach. The rooftop sunset lounge saturday the pittsburgh. Pa carnegie park that will be at carnegie park look for the balloons also on saturday. Springfield missouri superspreader event at two o'clock in lindbergh's tavern the flight. Oh one one of the no agenda in anaheim california on saturday at three thirty three. Pm protesting the gruesome at brewery x. In anaheim arlington virginia. They always do it during the show. I'll never know why at noon. In kuopio 's ensure lincoln also on sunday philadelphia. Pa local seventy six. They start at six pm a biscuit for our birthday. One year celebration at the philadelphia brewing company and coming up for the rest of the month of the twenty ninth drinking scrawny because minnesotan. Nuts is still lockdown Indiana pennsylvania on the thirtieth everytime a bell rings angel gets koga scenes the title of that meet up on the thirtieth local four four shenanigans. Protest the atlanta area sunset in new york the end of a new beginning also on the thirtieth puget sound. Convergence zone is melbourne really free. On january thirtieth in melbourne and green bay wisconsin january thirtieth titletown. Go and look up all of these meetups. Find one near you and the best part is.

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