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Are there things that we can do to improve the quality of these virtual and socially distanced interactions through this? Yeah, that's a great question. The truth has been there. There is really no full substitute for being in person that is. That's true because that's how we've interacted for thousands of years. That's what our bodies nervous systems are used to responding to, but with that said I do think that we can use technology in particular ways they can help keep our connections alive, and in fact can actually deepen our connections from where they were before the pandemic, so for example if we make a point. To put some time assigned each day could just be fifteen minutes to spend with people. We love whether that's. Video conferencing with them or speaking to them on the phone. That can serve as a lifeline for us, and even though that's only a few minutes, a day can leave us. Feeling more deeply connected. The second thing we can do is to focus on the quality of time we have with the people were speaking with. And that means putting away distraction when we're speaking with them, you know if you had this experience of being deeply listened to of having somebody who's fully present. When you're talking to them, you know that five minutes of conversation like that is so powerful. And weaken achieve that right now without spending a single minute with somebody simply by giving them our full attention. I considered to last things. which is one the power of solitude. I had a professor in medical school. Was it extraordinarily busy busy professor. She was a mom, two wonderful boys. She taught medical students. She took care patients. She helped run the medical school. She was incredibly busy, but what she did is recognizing the need for solitude, but not having the time to spend an hour meditating each day. She would use the twenty seconds that she had while. She was washing her hands before she saw a patient. She would just think about the things. She had to be grateful for that day. And then she would walk into that room after those twenty seconds. Healing, nor at peace and more able to be herself..

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