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We won't quiet. If you need help facing a death in the family talk to your parish priest. We just want to feel The closeness of the Lord Secure the place where your family will come in prayer called 301871, 1300, or visit C c a w dot org's and it's just the serenity the closeness to our creator. Message from the Catholic cemeteries of the Archdiocese of Washington, including all Soul Cemetery and Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Montgomery County, Maryland Resurrection Cemetery in Prince George's County, Maryland. Mount Olivet Cemetery in the District of Columbia and ST Mary's Queen of Peace Cemetery in southern Maryland. Hi. I'm Dr Andres Michael itis chief psychologist that knew where we help people both healthy habits that stick. The truth is, most diets don't work because you're unsustainable. It's a new muse is a different approach. Psychology at noon we're focused on behavior change showing you the Y behind your decisions inhabits, making it easier to make changes that last get started at noon dot com slash i Heart and om com slash i heart Change your thinking. Change your habits change for good with new Heart radio goes one on one with Tim McGraw to talk about the live show any attorney for you. I don't think anybody ever gets in this business and it's not about wanting to play live. I think that that's the impotence of everybody wanted to be a rock stars to grow in front of thousands of people and The guitars cranked up and swing and sweat and all that stuff and it's always great. I love you know for me, you know, design and stages and all that's fun into the lighting's show and all that's fun and Fans get a kick out of that first and foremost thing for me. Is it sound great. I want everything to sound as great as I could make it sound. I want it to sound. It's close to the record as I could get it to sound and have the energy and excitement everybody wants. I think what you have to do is you have to walk out there. And there's a sort of his unspoken contract between you and the audience that you're just gonna both sort of submit to this conducive environment. Let the music take over and sort of just fall into the river together. You know, I think that that's what you look forward. You know, most nights it happens some nights. It doesn't but It was the night that you you.

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