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Radio. I own football ease back. Here's Rich Ackerman, right. The big match of the day in the early portion is the Steelers and Browns, but it hasn't been much of a contest so far. As we check in with Jeff Hathorn in Pittsburgh. Ah, a couple of interceptions by Baker Mayfield have been key. The first returned 33 yards for a touchdown. I make a Fitzpatrick camp Sutton had the other that resulted in a Ben Roethlisberger 28 yard touchdown to a wide open James Washington. James Connor, also with a three yard touchdown run Chris Boswell 35 yard field goal. Now the Browns have driven down, You know, a couple of key stealer. Penalties have driven down to the dealer 18 yard line. Third and five. At the two minute warning the Steelers late Cleveland 24 to nothing. Here in the first half. All right, Thank you very much. Andrew Smith in what has been a surprise so far in terms of how one sided it has been. The Steelers are rolling right now. 24 to nothing. The cult's trying to mount a comeback after a tough start, Let's check in with Andrew Smith and Indianapolis. With 4 38 to go in the second quarter, The Indianapolis Colts have cut the Cincinnati Bengals lead to 24 to 14 Philip Rivers hits Trey Burton from 10 Yards out the Kappa 75 yards drive. And it was a really efficient drive for the Colts after a couple of three announcing a turnover in the first three possessions, the cults of unleashed Philip Rivers and Teacher, the passing game and right now he's 11 of 17 185 yards and had a couple of big throws on that drive A 21 The order to Jonathan Taylor 22 yesterday. Zac Paschal. Setting up the 10 yard touchdown to Trey Burton. Burton now has a rushing and receiving touchdown in the game to the Colts of But the Cincinnati lead to 24 to 14 after trailing 21 to nothing. Earlier in the game, Cincinnati scored on all four of its possessions, most recently a 47 yard field goal by Randy Bullock. That temporarily put them up 24 to 7. Joe Burrow is eight of 13 163 yards for the Bengals. Joe Mixon has 44 yards rushing, but he has a foot injury. He is questionable to return, so For 38 to go in the first half the Bengals leading the Colts 24 to 14. That's a big injury is Joe Mixon had gotten off to a very good start and already a factor today in the Bengals 10 Point lead, but the Colts coming back. Let's check in with Alan Siegel of the half in Fox Borough where it's been all Broncos so far, but still very much. Ah, game right now, Alan. You broke up a little bit, so I'll just get the report will. Hopefully I can hear you when we cut when I got him when I shot But it is 12 to 3 of the half year and it's been all field goal situation. As Brandon McManus has four field goals for Denver from 45 from 44. And from 52 27. Nick spoke has a 41 yard to go for the Patriots, and it's been a rough first half of the Patriots offensively. Cam Newton, nine of allowed 100 yards but really has not had a lot of time to pass the dead bird pass. Rush has been a little bit more effective than I think. The Patriots expected Russia Ball for 11 37. Cam Newton five carries 15 yards. Sherlock is not all that bad checks for 1414 yards. Lindsey has run the ball nine times, 54. They get 86 on the ground, but you could definitely see the rust. Both ways, actually, because neither team has really played a game in two weeks, So it's been a very uneven first half goals has mentioned and will be interesting to see if the Patriots jam Newton Get some things going big. If not, they're going to end up on the bad side of the score. Rich. All right. Thank you very much. Alan Siegel in Foxboro, 12 3, bigger Mayfield just throwing a touchdown pass. It's 20 for six point after pending there the Eagles trying to get something before the end of the half as they trail Baltimore Big let's check in with Michaela Wango. Get it out. 1 54 to go right now. The reviewing whether a past to Greg Ward of Eagles was inbound. He had one for them, but does not appear. He had the second. That plane may be called back. Well, well. The results on that one. Eagles is the best drive us far because ahead put Jalen hurts him on a walk on a 20 yard run on his first play. And then on the second plan, the notified of this driver involved in behind quarterback at course you once on the far side of the field. If those courses it was well behind the line of scrimmage once or back toward Then scramble past one up the vendor in a couple of years in that place, and that place offensive before that passed, the Greg Ward was well to catch. And so the love of the 1st and 10 inside Baltimore's 28, You're lying once before to go with words. Run hang under a potentially before the half closes out. Thank you very much. Michael Huang go in Philadelphia. That, said the Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville, where it's been a pretty one sided affair so far as we're late second quarter here's Brian. Yeah, no question about it, Not Plater. Just moments ago. 31 Yard Field goal. Extended leave for Detroit, wrapping up in 11 play. 65 yard drive, not stopping on the half 7 13 87 yards, but story's been more the ground. The three running backs four Detroit combining 109. Along with Adrian Peterson with a touchdown early in this one beyond the strip 64 yards Russian. He's also has a score. Jackson will get it back was trying to move the ball a little bit down the field, but just a short time ago, Trey Flowers Bonaventure you It's recovered by Roman at war in Jugs territory, So we're in the closing seconds here in the first half of Lions on top 17. The story. Looks like they have in about 10. Seconds to go here out near midfield, trying to give Dad any more points on this one. All right, Thank you very much. Brian In Philadelphia, Carson Wentz had a wide open mile Sanders and he could not come up with it as I don't know if it was the sun that played some tricks on him or just some bad hands..

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