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Yards this year and take twenty of twenty six field goals in regular season play the top mark in pro football not ready to put the ball in play is that the Packers are standing in front of blues title around the ten yard line the Kansas City Chiefs defensive squad waiting for the Packers come up mention that this is one of a series of great football broadcasts through the first four weeks of January company over CBS radio and is also being carried by armed forces radio to our service personnel around the world one of the many sports broadcasts being your way and there the triple crown of racing which is not too far away as I think about it the masters golf tournament please post season football games and now this one is about ready to resume thirty seconds left to play in the first quarter the Packers have the ball first content on their own twenty yard line your available line to the right side is a single plank parts are give the ball was bowled by Jimmy Taylor Taylor is not it is it goes through the line was able to power is way up to about the twenty three staffer was made by Buck Buchanan number eighty six right wing was six feet seven inches tall weighs two hundred and eighty seven palm coast ram is trying to create a mismatch here because the Green Bay center bill curry is six two and two thirty five in Buchanan is playing over his nose right now as a middle guard second down in seven and there is a gun before the play could get on that's the end of the first period with this war green made seven Kansas city nothing so.

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