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In Medicare Part d we may save you money with co-pays as low as zero dollars. With our preferred pharmacy pricing on most Medicare Part D plans, including at anthem Express Scripts Medicare and United Healthcare. Kroger also offers low prices on fresh, nutritious foods and wellness essentials for your healthy lifestyle. Additional Medicare plans are accepted. So visit us at Kroger dot com slash Medicare or talk with one of our pharmacists today. This is Tony Bonetti. Genesis diamonds chivalry plaza an extra trader Joe's. You know? I love about Genesis. It was started by a family that bought diamonds for others. They have the connections in Tel Aviv to the best diamonds and they used to sell them to others. And of course, the others would Mark them up and then sell them. We'll Genesis said, no, what's let's do it ourselves. Let's create a store, and let's get the best diamonds for the best price and reinvent the industry. Nets. What happened? Now, the warranties are the best I love the warranties free repairs for life free cleaning for life free size. For life. Even if you accidentally knock out one of those side accent diamonds Genesis were replaced at no charge. I know this because that's what they did. My wife knocked out a tiny little accent diamonds on the side. We dropped it off. They replaced it in policy and had a to us back the very same day. Genesis diamonds. They reinvented the diamond industry, and they're way more than just that. Genesis diamonds. Check them out chivalry applause, an extra trader Joe's, Terry miners here. Ready for fun play Keno from the Kentucky lottery with thirty seven ways to win. Choose your numbers. Choose your wager. Pick your draw times. And now you can end the bullseye for a chance to win additional prizes. You can purchase Keno in stores from the clerk or from one of their convenient vending machines, you can also play online from your computer or on your mobile device. Download the app at Kyi lottery dot com, and please play responsibly. Remember, it's just a game. Sergeant Ronald Faye with the little metro police department. What are the odds of you being in a crash? Well, I am no fortune. Teller?.

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