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Led deputies on a chase reaching triple digit speech. Leads a pit maneuver finally stopped him. Now, a newly released report from smart Snohomish county, multiple agency response team says Peters wasn't responding to commands when Wallin opened fire the report obtained by the Everett herald also quotes Wallin's remark during the chase over his police radio. And reportedly said, quote, we have to take this guy out. He's going to kill someone Peter's girlfriend who was also in the Ford F one fifty trucks says Peters was shot after police shouted conflicting orders to turn off the truck and to raise his hands. Corwin hake. Komo news ten-year-old parkland girl is recovering in the hospital after being struck by speeding driver who left her in the road and drove away more from komo's CARA constant Tanya does lend did what many mothers would do. She dashed ten year old. Caitlyn Rogers in the most terrifying moment of her life cry just stayed with her until the paramedics got there Saturday night around seven thirty young Caitlin was struck by speeding black s. She in her parkland neighborhood, they seen a car come in. They try to get her out the road, but he was coming so fast. And he she was just riding her. Scooter Caitlin was lying in the street. Seriously, hurt with a broken femur, pelvis and arm the driver with long-gone. Where's the conscience of this person knowing that they hit, you know, a child in injured little girl, her family and an entire neighborhood want to know who was the person who didn't stop Pierce county deputy say the fact that the girl was wearing a helmet probably saved her life. Investigators are trying to figure out what caused a car to crash into a building in Lakewood, Manhattan on durang goes straight. Fire. Crews had to use heavy equipment to cut the vehicle open and get a critically injured. Personnel crew. A second person the vehicle was not hurt. Komo news time now seven away to central Washington member of congress as a Trump administration plan to sell off. The transmission system of the Bonneville power administration would lead to higher electricity bills. More from komo's. Eric Heintz, Republican Representative Dan Newhouse was one of three leaders in a bipartisan letter to the house committee on the budget opposing changes to the system. The letter was signed by sixty two members of congress. It said any sale of assets to private entities is likely to result in attempts by new owners to charge substantially increased transmission rates for the same service to be customers. The Trump administration has pros the sell off in its fiscal twenty twenty budget request to congress. It's being called a one time federal debt reduction move. Eric Heintz, KOMO news. The state had attorney general men forty-three of his counterparts across the country are escalating their fight against the nation's largest generic drug manufacturers in a new lawsuit. They accused the companies of fixing prices to generate more profit above Ferguson, and the other attorneys general originally filed a lawsuit in two thousand sixteen a second suit was filed Friday, and the vast extent of this organiz cartel, which is what it is is now coming to light. In addition. We're alleging that these companies have destroyed. Evidence that would harm them in this case going forward Ferguson's offices. The lawsuit targets Twenty-one pharmaceutical companies that make drugs that treat diabetes cancer, arthritis and other medical conditions. Komo news time seven.

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