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Super bowl ads would like come on and i'd be like everybody shut up it's time for the ad yeah those big the nine level ed child and we'll the 90s were like commercial that was a golden era of lee yeah shuttles i think that's all but it's also we were younger they has michael jordan in the mix but that's like as the cia i think that's okay for a child's be like oh i can't wait for the super bowl ads i mean it's like it's bad yeah but like you're of fullgrown man fullgrown and you're like oh yeah i can't wait to see the commercial for beer well there is what is beer up to this year hood is what is you're going to do this year can't wait to see what these brands are doing it's a it's a major tent pole of nor me culture is quoting commercials oh absolutely i didn't know and i'm daddy raleigh was until very recently do what dili dili that bud light thing oh no oh that's it's huge in it's huge every thanksgiving christmas dinner there was like an ankle it's been like dili dili i have no idea what that is really yeah do you wanna pause a and watch it dillard's would it make my life better or worse when oposite and watch of bud light add you don't have to do it's just like a king being what ed i don't know it i do it they say dili dili and the added sleigh item posit real quick it will be about one second obscene dillydally hang on ziege's watched it yeah i saw it i the guy brought everybody was bringing in bud light the king loved it and then somebody brings in wine and he's like who's who's this homo it's yeah i mean we probably didn't need to do this bit but um it's not a bad it's just earth's axes meant it it was just you know it's had an article is is add bus it's an uncle it's an uncle ad this is a this is an ad busters pod now all out.

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