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No, it's. Yeah. He goes. Yeah. Allen vestry. He's a great composer. Right. All right. What do you got my friend? I have vertigo on their edge. Cock bernard. Hermann? Did he do a lot of his schools? He did. Yeah. Okay. From other. That's fantastic. I mean, I love Bernard Hermann scores and I had to pick one. So I went to go. Did he do about the movies mostly catch? I think he did mostly Hitchcock as far as I went on. I don't know why I like Hitchcock last year. I went on this like Hitchcock binge, and I watched everything he had done a really like a span of like a week and a half. I don't know why do that scene. His film, of course. Yeah. I don't know if I've seen all of his like. Rope bird Birgit of. I forgot like vertigo north by northwest further. Go north by northwest and. Rear window. I didn't of course psycho. I it dumbfounded me how great those films. In the music. Incredible. I was gonna put psycho on the on the list, but the music is almost two. Exactly. This is. The whole whole nor is great. And everyone thinks is that. That's why that white input on a. Oh. And that one note. Funny. It's so true mode, of course. Yeah. Same thing. With like jaws. It's like oh. Yeah. That's the theme which is great. And it's amazing that he did that you know, that's the one I was telling you about right? Played the whole thing because there's actually a whole theme for Jew was. Right. You know, and she was like this is Jews. And then finally the okay, right 'cause I played like the whole thing. And it was like two or three minutes in. It was a whole other operatic section threat. It you know, like Jurassic Park that happened as well. Like, everyone just doesn't knows? None. When's it coming? You know that comes like two and a half minutes into the actual tune on the soundtrack, John Williams. Again, they go through Jurassic punks probably on my list. His themes are super anyway, actually, that's a great choice. Yes. A vertigo is. Bit of an eerie soundtrack from other. Remember just last year? But what instruments that's like, it's also orchestral strings. Rask. It's strings. I'm sounding like a could, sir. I've no idea. But it's true. Yeah. No. It's a great score. Okay. Man. Cool. That was you'll one. Do you got? All right. Oh, okay. I have to do father. It's a collar seven a- Novi. It did a bunch of others Godfather's that I connect and again, the whole scores. Incredible. Whenever I listen to that music and kind of the tone of. All you think about is. You know, gangster movies them. Those music is very talion whole told about talion heritage. And it's I loved that the music is super that is Carlo Savina. I don't actually know from the sixties on time ago. And he did I think all three of them hated. Okay. Yeah. I think that's interesting. I've actually been wanting to sit down and watch the godfathers again because I haven't seen them since a long longtime. It's one of those one of those things where it's like I have to watch them as an adult. So I'm a crazy person. I watch a movie every day sometimes two with two or three movies every day, and.

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