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Were sold in sun city california saturday the retailer with a winning ticket was sold will get a one milliondollar bonus and rafael nadal was beaten stand were rinker in straightsets to win his ten th french open a record i'm christopher cruise and i'm susanna palmer omar from bloomberg world headquarters u s environment chief scott pruitt is being recalled from group of seven climate talks in italy a g seven spokesman says pruitt who as environmental protection agency administrator successfully campaigned for the us to quit the landmark paris climate agree that will leave bologna for a meeting with president donald trump after arriving saturday jane ishida acting epa assistant administrator will attend in his place israel sees expanding joint research and development with the us as a way to boost trade in an era of donald trump's america first economy minister eli cohen met with gary cohn director of the us national economic council also cohen said the intention is to deepen development ties to the existing israel us by national industrial research and development fund which is known as bird it promotes projects of mutual benefit to both countries kuwait city arab country leading mediation efforts to resolve cutters crisis said today cutter was ready a to understand the concerns of its neighbours and to bolster stability in the region kuwait's foreign minister said qatari leaders are willing to hold dialogue to resolve the crisis saudi arabia the uae bahrain egypt last week cut diplomatic relations and transport links with cutter saying the country must distance itself from iran and stop funding is lammers troops cutter denies such churches and says the saudis are seeking to dominate smaller neighbours a bill now under consideration in the new york legislature we give banks the ability to temporarily freeze the accounts of older adults when they noticed activity uncharacteristic of spending habits it's an effort to stem the tide of scams against the elderly the measure has faced some resistance in the assembly some assembly members worry it plays into stereotypes that all seniors have diminished brain function global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm susanna palmer this is bloomberg this means charlie rose on bloomberg radio.

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