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Thank you like jagger ray matt mcgrath that roberts fly the plane for us the days in the production studios to thank you for that matter he produces the fine chauffeurs each week i think in you know what i want just a shout out to you guys were listening to the show today we appreciate you we love during the show he wouldn't do it wouldn't be able to deal with that loyal westeners in we it's always amazing to me map that we've got people that actually you know had a reminder in their smartphone to tune into the show as power trading radio's on right now i want to hear what matt chris you've got to talk about today we'd have zero education and broadcasts it was a fluke that i started doing a show linares ago and of course a miracle that i managed to find mapped and bring him of onboard because you're the best decision that i made as far as radiobroadcasting thank you i am not sincere and over so you know what we love doing the show agree loyal listeners you guys a tune in every week gosh is because he knew that we get the deal if your brand new to the show man i hope you decide to tune in again i hope you've had fun with us today we have a what a ton of fun doing the show we do i don't know if it's at the expense of our listeners are not the people but we do appreciate you and so thanks thanks for done it thank you while we can talk about trading and the show investing zia the thing that we do with the longterm that's something that's kind of important you know you can invest in a lot of things you can invest a course in real estate precious metal coins collectible guns i want my best friends that i grew up with anonymous it's maybe i was two years old he inherited a gun collection from his dad that's he's got the finest collection of winchester rifles in the world mailing mit condition he's got every one of them that was ever manufactured probably priceless i don't know what.

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