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Defense is big pook But at this point. I think a lot of what he wants his team go to a team. That's close to super bowl. Contention if not already in super bowl contention so i mean green bay same situations. The bills lost in the afc championship loss in their championship. Game mccown for a championship game. The bills i believe are a better fit bill more money. Yes and the bills have a brighter. Yes the the packers are on their downturn. The bills are five years the next to you. Regard this still the packers. They're declining a the titans. Got a quarterback. It's time tannahill say never great. But they got derrick. Henry is the greatest running back. Damn right now so. That's the definition of carried by running back. But i mean it's coming out now to that there's a team there's an offer on the table forum for wanna say one year fifteen mil which is a little rich for me. But when you're paying mario. Addison jaguars probably honestly. When you're paying mario addison. I think he's making twelve thirteen or something. That's like i mean cut mario addison. He ain't doing shit and get rid of vernon butler or something and you got enough room. Both paid about ten million. So i'm saying you can make yourself enough room. Get rid of those two bombs for jawad. I don't care. I mean that's a crazy think too is seeing all of these I actually we're the expert experts wrong but like seeing these people get paid to be experts. Like espn and shit being like. Hey yeah you know. The bills are perfect. Fit for him if he goes to the bills. They're automatically you know a favourite at this point. It's like holy shit. I'm not use this. Should we make a prediction on where he goes. I think he's going awful. Yeah i feel like we have to. Because we're the expert experts from what we happens. So i'm also saying he's gonna go to the bills. I'm going to say they're gonna get him on a massage gonna give them a two year deal. I don't know why. But i think he's going to be two year deal second year player. Option i'm gonna say they're are round if they can get twelve and a half a year. I'll be happy to make my prediction. He's not going to the titans pakistan. Yeah to let's. Let's roll out the titans. Don't even our way here. Yeah come on. We every does. I'll be surprised because as the expert experts we can confirm to the titans or out of the running for. Jj watt they have no. There's just there's no fit their their their decent. But i still don't think he's gonna make that defense and he's just going to be playing on another team. That's gonna be good not great. That's where if you wanted to buffalo even the packers. At least he has help defense. The defense is both good. They just need pieces and he is a big piece so we could make large piece. Yes yes i heard something. They're going to try to move him to the interior.

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