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Three and treatment and is it was timely diagnosis given that do that dr white was able to see it when he was i think that it absolutely was a quick diagnosis from the time he saw two when i learn exactly what it was the pathway thyroid cancer when he saw it on the tv when that was filmed last september so it's been there's been at least last september and i don't know i really don't know how much sort of earlier it could have been there and i just didn't really notice or pay attention that that it was there talk to when you got contact from nicole mcginnis after the diagnosis what did what did you think of that i was really surprised that she was able to get the message felt really happy that she was able to get that information and i i know that you know the diagnosis of cancer is always frightening and scary and mine was just a presumption that there was something wrong but i'm thrilled that she was going to get it evaluated worked up and if you find something earlier than later your prognosis can be much better you know a comment about pap larry thyroid cancer is that it is a very curable cancer it can be very slow growing so it generally has a very good prognosis when found early and addressed early she doesn't have any symptoms and it's not showing any signs clinically that it's doing anything harmful meaning she's swallows well her voice sounds normal he doesn't have any visible other lymph nodes so hopefully it is an earlier stage but that would be determined with the sonogram and other tests.

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