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News radio 610 wtvn allison wyatt one person was killed in a crash on i seventy one last night it happened around nine o'clock on seventy one near 11 th avenue columbus police say a vehicle struck a tree killing the oneperson inside the southbound lanes between eleven th avenue to seventeen th avenue were closed for several hours dozens of people were arrested yesterday as they protested outside senator rob portman office to extreme people to be arrested after blocking emergency crews will i with trust prange on the strained building were portland's officers located appointments spokeswoman says building security cold columbus police or the protesters impeded other church demonstrators opposed the gop senator healthcare reform proposal importrance was he does not support the proposal in its current form that's charles van zandt reporting some bad news for the state's college students tuition at ohio state university may be on its way up to wish you may be going up for institute i use students that it was after being frozen for five years that what applies to students arriving in august the tuition fee increase would about who would additional five point five percent and be frozen at that level for four years all of that is up to board approval at their tuesday meeting jarrett alec news radio 610 doubled tv and meanwhile the new bug i had basketball coach chris hold meant was not able to get deigned goodwin back in the fold they shooting guard and former buckeye kim it is now headed ten notre dame osu has no one in their twenty eighteen class and they have seven available scholarships a baseball wissam store loyd history went on the auction block this past week in a way snapped up for more than four hundred thousand dollars but not just daily baseball was about a couple of times xiao kirk's fires rose wii that hit on september eleven 1985 it cincinnati's riverfront.

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