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Ken Coleman dot com. Download them and shoot them over to your friends. Because if you do the preparation and you submit a great resume not only going to get a call. You're going to win in the interview. Now, I'm going to share something I plan to share it a little bit later in the show. But I'm going to share something with you right now that I think everybody needs to hear. And this is about confirmation confirmation of your y so if we look at the big question, why am I here? What should I do with my life? This all comes down to your purpose in many people attach the question. Why am I here to purpose? So how do you absolutely know for sure? Total clear confirmation on your y. Here. It is if you're why doesn't cause you to cry. It's not your y. Let me say it again. If you're why what you believe is your purpose. Your reason for being on this planet, and we're talking about through your work because we were all created work. If you're why doesn't cause you to cry. It's not your wife. Now, let me explain. The reason that the emotion of crying is a great litmus test in confirms that you are in fact doing what you do is. Because you have long to do this work for a long time. You have fought about it. You've wondered about it. You have done the work. You have knocked out the goals. You have sacrificed you have been patient. You have persevered. And along that journey because the longing is so great. You know, it's the work. You were created to do. It means so much that when you actually step into it, you are beyond grateful like there's thankful grateful, and then when you have worked long and hard to step into the dream job. And you actually get there you will be overcome with emotion because you can't believe you're doing what you've worked so hard to do. And so there will be emotion. And I'm not talking about every time you walk in. Now, if you're walking to the office crying every day, you know, that's probably a little weird. You know, people should look at you strange. I'm talking about there's deep emotion. Attached to the work that you get to do. And the second reason that your true y will make you cry is because of the meaning attached to the results of your work. So the first factor was that you've longed for you've worked for for so long that you're overcome with just gratitude all the time. I keep believe I could do this. The second reason is. During a given day or a week or a month or a year. There's going to be multiple times where the results of your work. It's reported back to you that your impact is making a significant difference. And when you feel that and and someone reports back to you and says, hey, what you're doing is making a huge difference in the meaning that is in your heart that is attached to the work and the results of the work. It all comes together, and it should overwhelm you in a positive way. No, I'll give you an example. We recently had the smart conference in Dallas, Texas, all the Ramsey personalities. We got a chance to speak on stage in our particular area of specialty, and what we focus on and my favorite part of the Ramsey live events are when we get to meet the folks who come to the events, and it's always nice to meet them. And it's not them saying, hey, Ken, and nice things and shaking hands in the picture. But it's win. The few of them say, hey, I've been listening to your show. And as a result. I did this. It's about what they did. And when I hear somebody or I read an Email, we get emails every day. Ask Ken Coleman dot com. When people Email in and they say, hey, can I was listening your show, and as a result, I did this. And because I did this this happened or this good thing in my life is happening. Let's not about me. It's about them. What they did. Same thing with Dave Ramsey when he hears from you and sees you, and you say, Dave because of your show because of total money makeover records of your baby steps, we change your family.

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